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How Gabby Goodwin’s Experience Inspired Her To Started Hair Accessories Business At Age 15

Gabby Goodwin is the founder of Gabby Bows and she started hair accessories business at age 15.

Goodwin ventured into making bows because her bows kept slipping out of her hair. She hated losing bows and her mother increasingly grew tired of replacing them, then this led Gabby to create her own barrettes/bows.

GaBBY Bows are the only bows that stays in one’s hair all day, all night, and all week through rough play and are sure to stay in place until you take them out.

Gabby Goodwin didn’t really know what entrepreneurship was at first, but she did knew that if she could create something that could not only help her but help others, that will be able to inspire people too.

Aside from making bows, Gabby Bows company has also created a range of natural hair products that are sold in target locations around the country. After recently pitching her products, she got investment support from Marcus Lemonis and Gayle King amounting to $200,000 and she was happy about her achievement.

This achievement made Goodwin and her mother launched an entrepreneurship academy called Mommy and Me Entrepreneurship Academy to train young girls like her in business. Her mission is also to encourage more kids like her to pursue entrepreneurship.

The young entrepreneur has also been traveling to roadshows to promote her brand as part of her business strategy.

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