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How Etop Ikpe Built Autochek To Enhance Automotive Commerce Across Africa

Autochek is an auto tech company established to build digital solutions targeted at enhancing and enabling automotive commerce across Africa.

The CEO of Autochek, Etop Ikpe, having identified a number of challenges in the car purchase market on the continent, is looking to use technology to transform the buying and selling experience of automobiles.

Etop is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of African technology and innovation for more than a decade now. Etop once served as CEO at Cars45.

Autochek combines technology and data to enhance auto trade and auto finance across African consumers, by creating a single marketplace for all automotive needs. The company aims to transform the automotive buying and selling experience for Africa consumers with its apps and digital solutions.

The firm is a transformational high-growth company that is providing an auto needs platform, which accelerates the ability of Africans to get better quality vehicles. This is achieved through provision of affordable access to car loans, while also derisking the auto lending processes for financial institutions.

The Autochek solution also helps to preserve the residual value of vehicles through their after-sales network of maintenance services thereby reducing the total cost of vehicle ownership and thus positioning itself as the market’s first fully end-to-end automotive marketplace. 

Autochek partnered with the Association of Motor Dealers of Nigeria (AMDON) to prioritize digitized car loans, car sales, and car repairs. It described its strong cooperation as a lever in achieving a digitized and enabling platform for vehicle dealers across Nigeria.

The CEO, Etop, described the partnership as a platform that introduces both technology and data in creating a single marketplace for car loans, car sales, and car repairs.

The collaboration also offers members of AMDON the opportunity to drive more sales by taking advantage of the online marketplace which increases the visibility of their inventory to potential car buyers across Nigeria.

Autochek also acquired on online car platform, Cheki Nigeria and Cheri Ghana with the aim to make auto financing more accessible to consumers across Africa.

Late 2020, the company unveiled its application and website, where customers can buy, sell and fix cars, using smartphones from the comfort of any location.

Using and the mobile application that can be downloaded from Googleplay, customers according to the firm can lock down a car of their choice with a deposit funds to own a car, get a better deal for selling their cars, disgnose their cars and enjoy premium maintenance service, right at their door step.

The company said customers can also enjoy other packages put together to ensure a seamless ownership of cars, access to a wide range of brands, both new and used.

Also, you can be sure of visibility of the condition of your choice car, registration, of both local and foreign used cars , access to an extensive list of car workshops in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt,  Accra and other major cities in Nigeria and West Africa.

Autochek seeks to transform the automotive buying and selling experience for African consumers, by creating a single marketplace for all automotive needs.

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