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How Eno Oduok Is Enhancing Networking Among Nigerian Professionals Through Naija Comm

Eno Oduok is a 22-year-old Nigerian entrepreneur who founded Naija Comm, an online networking platform for Nigerian professionals.

Her platform is aimed at connecting Nigerian professionals from various industries and helping them to build valuable connections and expand their networks.

Eno’s journey to founding Naija Comm began when she was in University of Houston. She noticed that there was a lack of networking opportunities for young professionals in the industry. She realized that there was a need for a platform that would connect Nigerian professionals from various overlooked industries and provide them with opportunities to learn from each other and grow their careers.

Espact | Digital Media Agency | Eno Oduok founder Naija Comm

In 2019, Eno founded Naija Comm, which has since grown into a thriving online community of professionals. The platform offers a range of features, including a job board, discussion forums, and networking events. Members can connect with each other, share ideas and insights, and collaborate on projects.

One of the key features of Naija Comm is its focus on promoting diversity and inclusion in the Nigerian professional community. Eno believes that by creating a platform that is accessible to professionals from all backgrounds, Naija Comm can help to break down barriers and create new opportunities for growth and development.

Espact | Digital Media Agency | Eno Oduok founder Naija Comm

Eno’s work with Naija Comm has not gone unnoticed. She has been recognized as a rising star in the Nigerian the PR industry and has been invited to speak at various conferences and events. She has also been featured in various publications, including Forbes Africa and BBC News.

Through her work with Naija Comm, Eno has demonstrated the potential of technology to create new opportunities for growth and development in Nigeria. Her platform has helped to connect Nigerian professionals from various industries and has created a space for them to collaborate and learn from each other. As a young entrepreneur, Eno’s story serves as an inspiration to other young people who aspire to make a mark in the PR industry and create positive change in their communities.

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