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How Ebenezer Osunlalu Combines His Engineering Job With US Army Duties Will Marvel You

Nigerian-American Engineer, Ebenezer Osunlalu is astoundingly combining an Engineering career and US Army duties, contrary to popular belief of the impossibility of juggling two time-consuming careers.

Ebenezer Osunlalu has given an insight on how he manages US Army duties with Engineering career without the interference of one career with the other . He also mentioned the secret key to how he has successfully managed both careers over the years.

Ebenezer mentioned to Espact that although juggling both careers can be quite hectic and filled with tons of scrum meetings and solving problems, he would not love it any other way. He explained how he uses tons of six sigma tools to solve process improvement concerns, QA tests, UX testing, program managements and system analysis.

The ever energetic and fun filled Ebenezer Osunlalu described himself ‘according to the Myers Briggs personality test, as an ‘ENTJ-A’, an assertive commander type personality. However, being honest as he claims, he is an extremely logical person, as things need to be done meticulously, He is also extremely disciplined, not uptight though.

“My Father’s diplomatic career infused in me, a desire to serve. In as much as I was unsure how, I knew I must serve. This drive led me into one of the best decisions ever made.”, Ebenezer told Espact as he explains what motivated his joining of the US army.

When asked how he manages both careers, Ebenezer replied, “Without a doubt, It is extremely difficult. I would not sugarcoat it.” He stated how it is very tough for him combining a demanding engineering job in the civilian world for a fortune 100 company with a leadership role in the military. 

‘Discipline’, he said, is the key. Ebenezer stated that there is no hidden formula. All you just need to do is to be disciplined, focused and seek assistance when needed.

“Do not be arrogant to seek assistance. There are always smarter people around. Be humble to ask for guidance. Maintain great relationships. Know your soldiers and your colleagues as they become your family over time.” He admonished as he stated the virtues that has kept him persistent all the years .

Ebenezer also admonished young people who are aspiring to follow in the steps which he has taken. He advised for young people to start planing their steps and objectives now.

“It is never too early to draw out your plans and map your visions. Once done, simply follow the roadmaps. Mentor with proven professionals in the field and never be timid to ask questions”, he added.

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