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How Duncan Njue Built Two Successful Businesses

Duncan Njue , a young CEO who has successfully build two digital media and technology companies Growthpad Digital Consulting and Zidi Africa. recently has an interview where he narrated how he moves from struggling to success.

His journey to becoming a young CEO has been marked by equal parts failure and success. So how did he beat the odds to become the founder of two successful digital media and technology companies – Growthpad Digital Consulting and Zidi Africa?

“I stayed on and remained aggressive while most of the people I partnered with quit on me right when things started to get interesting.”

It’s this sense of stamina and determination to push past failure that Duncan attributes his success to as he looks back at how every challenge he faced mentored him to become the man he is today.

Since his days back at Maseno University, Duncan has always been quite the visionary. During his second year, he was selected to become the first Google student ambassador on his campus. In addition to all the perks the Google opportunity came with, Duncan also learned how to work with different teams and implement Google for Education applications within Maseno, a first for any university in Kenya. And just like that, Duncan’s passion for digital media, technology and their impact on business was ignited.

A year after, bringing together all the skills he learned, Duncan began Youth Hub to help students learn how to start and manage businesses. Together with a few friends, they organised two career fairs helping high school leavers make career choices based on their strengths and interests. The group expanded their vision for the event and began organising entrepreneurial summits bringing together various business leaders to offer sage business advice to entrepreneurs.

With the success of Youth Hub behind him, everything seemed to be on the up and up for Duncan, so in 2016, he decided to move to Nairobi. With only a bag of clothes and 12,000 shillings saved from campus, the only place he could afford to move into was a student hostel. They offered him a bed, a mattress, lunch and supper which afforded him necessary comforts while he and a two friends worked on a software company startup.

Due to the struggle that comes with acquiring clients, the software business accrued debt, made losses and eventually failed terribly. His partners went on into employment but Duncan kept his dream of having a successful business alive.

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