How Dr Rhonda Got Her PhD At Age 26 After Losing Both Parents To Cancer

Hardwork pays. Dedication works. However, all effort put towards success are just that bit easier when those who love us, especially our parents, support our dreams.

This is so with a myriad of people including 26-year-old Ghanaian-American, Dr Rhonda Asimeng and herein is her inspiring and lovely story:

“It still boggles my mind that at the age of 22, I obtained a Master’s degree and at the tender age of 26, I am a DOCTOR!! The degree I received yesterday had little to do with me but more to do with GOD along with the fruits of my parents’ labor. I only wish they were able to see it in person.

You see, my dad came from Ghana to the US in the ’70s with a suitcase, $28 and a dream. He went as far as working as a driver for a private school as a means for my siblings and I to get the best education he could provide. My mom worked as a nurse’s aide for eleven years with dreams of becoming a nurse one day.

Even in between chemo treatments, my mom found a way to still take prerequisites in the hopes of getting into nursing school. They worked to the bone to ensure I had a better life. Cancer may have took them away from me physically, but they still live on. I have made it my mission to never let their hard work go in vain. I hope they are proud. Rest in heavenly peace David and Joyce Asimeng” Dr Rhonda said.

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