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How Didintle Moreki Was Inspired To Start Skincare Business While Treating Her Persistent Acne Problem

Didintle Moreki of Botswana developed a popular skincare line as a result of searching for local remedies for her long acne condition.

Your skincare routine and how it varies might be affected by the hue of your skin.

Moreki recalls how she struggled with acne in her early years and tried western treatment, often to unfavorable bodily effects. Entrepreneur Didintle Leatile Moreki, the creator of Organic Natural Skincare in Botswana, successfully overcame this difficulty to launch her company.

Mowana, Morula, and Moringa are plants that naturally grow in the wild in the vast semi-arid shrub, grass, and tree terrain of Botswana. She has a vivid memory of her grandma and mother caring for the plants and making use of them for the family because they were aware of the genuine benefits of the plants. This is the symbolism Moreki has continued to use as the creator of Organic Naturals Skincare, a cosmetic company she founded in Botswana in 2019 using natural ingredients from sub-Saharan Africa. Africa is home to a wide variety of beneficial plants and herbs.

Didintle’s Organic Natural Skincare was created as a result of her struggle with a persistent skin infection that refused to go away. At the age of 18, she thought that she might as well attempt an organic alternative after spending years experimenting with what the market had to offer. Unfortunately, she was unable to get the desired outcome from the ones available on the market. Didintle made the decision to take action after reflecting on the hazardous or dangerous products she had been applying to her skin. Anyone who now has acne on their skin or has ever had acne will be able to relate to how it lowers one’s self-confidence. Dindintle also struggled with low self-esteem due to her acne, which is why she decided to create organic skincare products that would boost the confidence of the African woman or empower her to be confident in her skin.

Although the ingredients Moreki utilized were widely accessible, few people are aware of their health advantages. Her ingredients are primarily from plants, including mowana, moringa, and morula. Mowana, which has anti-inflammatory effects and is strong in omega-3 fatty acids, is used to treat acne. Marula, which is frequently applied as a moisturizer, contains a lot of vitamin C, which might lessen acne-related hyperpigmentation. In Botswana, where she is from, they are common household plants. She collaborates with female-led cooperatives that grow and supply plants or just gather plants in the wild. After being harvested, the plants are converted into chemical-free oils. The supply chain opens up business prospects for regional economies like Maun, the fifth-largest town in Botswana.

Everyone offered an uninvited opinion on something they had little or no influence over, but Moreki’s self-assurance suffered as a result of suggestions for how to treat her acne breakout. Then, while she was on leave from school, her grandma exposed her to the benefits of the local plants. Her skin also got better. The concept to launch a face care line using readily available, locally grown plants was born in 2015, and this enabled families to become more financially independent. For Moreki, the year 2022 was noteworthy since it saw the expansion of her company into South Africa, Zambia, and Lesotho. Her work has likewise expanded in scope as a result of this. In order to spread the message that it’s time for the rest of the world to understand, the benefits of indigenous knowledge systems.
The life of Didintle Moreki demonstrates how by offering a solution to a problem, we can also produce riches and enable others to do the same.

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