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How Desiree Verdejo Transitioned From Being A Corporate Lawyer To Owning A Fast Growing Beauty Brand

Desiree Verdejo made a career transition from a corporate lawyer to owning a fast growing beauty brand named Vivrant beauty during to her love for black women’s beauty care.

Desiree Verdejo is also the founder of Hyper Skin, an award-winning cleaning and vegan skincare brand for melanated skin.

Verdejo was inspired through her struggles with acne in her teenage years followed by a horrible bout of adult-hormonal acne and hyperpigmentation. Then she decided to get solution for herself and any other people facing same skin issues.

Verdejo’s passion for skin care products led to her beauty boutique named Vivrant Beauty. Her product prioritized the haircare and skincare needs of black women.

Verdejo founded Hyper Skin because she wanted to solve the lack of diversity in the skincare and beauty space and her own skincare problem with the goal of not only targeting dark spots and discoloration but to do so for Black and brown skin tones and really shine a spotlight on celebrating diversity. Then Hyper Skin product became an instant hit.

Verdejo’s career switch has been a bold decision to make considering that her leaving behind a stable career as a corporate lawyer meant risking a comfortable salary and other associated benefits for the unknown but she is comfortable with solving skin problem for herself and for everyone who has skin issues.

Verdejo’s success has been consistent and Hyper Skin product has been a consistent month-on-month growth as an existing brand and by continuously honing in on who we are and what we’re building up.

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