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How Daviant Palmer And His Mum Made Millions From Their Car Cleaning Business After Going Viral On Tiktok

Daviant Palmer, the founder of Dae’s Detail, a car cleaning business which went viral on tiktok . Palmer was always assisted by his mum,Typhan Jones as his mum would record him while working and post the videos on Tiktok showing the before- and-after of the cleaning process

The video went viral, generating over three million views and a massive buzz on Palmer’s phone. He was getting calls from literally everyone while on honeymoon and according to Jones, that’s how her son’s business started growing.

The son-and-mother duo continued to post tips and tricks on how people can clean the interior and exterior of cars. One of the videos has recorded as many as 1.6 million views and counting, with viewership coming from Australia and Ireland.

Converting their social media success into real-life customers, Palmer and his mother have not looked back. Last October, as their revenue grew, they were able to purchase a building to operate their car cleaning business. Jones, 45, quit her job to become the marketing manager of the business. Similarly, Palmer quit his job in order to focus on his car cleaning full-time.

Palmer’s uncle, Stevon Ferrell, was also brought on board as a partner in the business. He has been in the detailing business for 15 years. “It’s always been a dream to do something like that and it feels awesome to have people working with me, people that I know and people that I can trust,” Palmer said.

He added: “It definitely changed my life. I learned a lot about business because I had no clue. It was something that I wanted to do, I just didn’t know how to and then I was just thrown into it.”

Following the success of his car cleaning services, Palmer is hoping to expand his business beyond Detroit. “I really want to give back to this community,” Palmer said. “I really wanted to see Detroit come back to what it used to be back in the day, and I want to help that.”

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