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How Chika Madubuko  Solved Caregiving Issues By Creating AI-driven Caregiving Platform

Chika Madubuko, is the founder of Greymate Care, an Al-driven caregiving platform that connects vulnerable people to professional caregivers.

Madubuko came up with the  idea when she faced personal challenges when looking for a care-giver for her grandmother.

Madubuko found the greatest purpose out of her education. She  studied MSC Biotechnology from the University of Hertfordshire , which enabled her to push herself to provide a comprehensive and practical approach to the industry she wanted to pursue a career in. She has now based her service offering around providing trained professionals to care for vulnerable family members.

Nigerians have worries  when it concerns who takes care of their aged parents and /or disabled loved ones when they are either out of town or at work. Seeing that there are a lot of stories about caregivers’ mistakes and lack of availability of such services here in Nigeria, Madubuko saw the need to provide a means by which Persons in need of professional  caregivers can get them .

With Madubuko’s initiative , people no longer have to take excuse from work or avoid important meetings because they have no alternative person to care for their loved ones at home. The beautiful thing about this platform is that you do not need to get to the physical office, at the comfort of your home you can get a Care Expert easily by downloading their App, select a preferred service, build your profile, the App will develop a care plan that matches you with the right caregiver , then a Caregiver is assigned to you. Very stress-free and convenient.

A good take home from Madubuko’s story is that in order to succeed in any business you plan to venture into , you must first think about the problem you intend solving.

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