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How Best To Improve Your Communication Skills To Drive Your Business Growth

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To drive your business growth, you need to excel in communication skills. Effective communication is what enables you as an entrepreneur to rally your team around a shared vision, empower employees, build trust, and successfully navigate organizational change.

Lack of communication skills can affect productivity, company culture, individual and collective leadership and be the cause of working harder and not smarter.

Communication skills helps to gain trust, align efforts in the pursuit of goals, and inspire positive change especially in business growth.

Here are best ways to improve your communication skills to drive business growth:

Practice Becoming An Active Listener

Most Entrepreneurs/business owners do not listen with the intent to understand but they listen with the intent to reply. You need to seek to understand instead of being understood.

You may have to get a point across or deliver information to the other person, but before you do, you need to take some additional time to really listen to the other person and hear what that person is saying and communicating with his or her words and nonverbal actions? Practice becoming an active listener with people you meet or your customers.

Make Research On How To Address Customers

Before you can drive business growth, it is important for every entrepreneurs to make research and get to know every of their customers they will be addressing because each audience is different.

Your communication skills must grow to the level where all your customers will be satisfied with your approaches and you also need to know how you can best be of service to them.

Pay Attention To Customer’s Nonverbal Communication

Most customer’s communication is nonverbal, and there are many studies out there to prove this, you need to listen to the words that are being spoken by your customers and observe the nonverbal cues that are being given.

Entrepreneurs need to know that the tone of voice, facial and body gestures provide critical information. The crossing of the arms, looking away or positioning the body and feet away from the other person are telling signs of not being engaged, open or receptive.

Timing Is Everything

Effective Entrepreneur should be a good communicator that will be able to utilize their intuition, feelings and emotional intelligence to feel out their audience. Asking a different question, using an example or story to make a point, reiterating a point and knowing when it’s time to move on are all critical contributing factors to the timing of communication.

Ask Effective Questions

How many times do you shy away from asking questions? Perhaps you fear asking the wrong questions, these are all totally normal thoughts and feelings that come up, but when questions aren’t asked, there is no way to get to the core of the situation.

Make asking question your habit if you want to see real results but don’t just ask people that can’t solve the situation in driving your business growth.

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