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How Anthony Dzamefe Built His Striving Watch Business Into A Made-in-Ghana Watch Brand, Caveman Watches

Anthony Dzamefe, the founder of TimepieceGH and Caveman Watches, went from hawking replica watches on the streets of Accra to building his own brand of timepieces.

After experiencing life in the corporate sector for some time, Anthony identified that he needed more freedom to test his creativity and abilities, so he resigned to embark on his entrepreneurial journey.

He identified his passion for wristwatches after a lot of trials and struggles. He sold watches on the streets of Ghana before he finally realized he could also make a brand of his own.

Anthony mentioned in an interview, what inspired him to start up the wristwatch business, explaining that years ago, when he started selling watches, he identified a problem. People had good watches but bad leather straps. Machine made leather straps are not very durable.

He realised there was no significant watch brand coming from Africa. So he took the vow to manufacture a watch brand that will rub shoulders with the giants in the global watch market.

Instead of selling just complete watches, he realised that watch leather straps seperately could be a great business.

“What if i learned how to make handmade straps from authentic raw leather? I could solve this problem. The jobless me spent weeks in kantamanto working for shoe makers without pay just learning about types of leather and how to handle them”, Anthony stated.

He further explained how he started making his leather straps and how bad they they turned out at first. “It took me abt 5hours to make a pair of straps. A pair of bad useless straps”, he said.

Anthony mentioned that he could go many weeks indoors without seeing sunlight making bad useless straps, but with each useless strap, he got better. “I got closer,  the time it took to make one reduced gradually”, he said.

He founded TimepieceGh with minimal capital. Hawked his way around car parks and offices before his business became nationally popular as the trusted Ghanaian Wristwatch retail and repair company, and over time grew into the popularly recognized ‘Caveman Watches

Anthony explained how much he has gone through blackmails and public attacks through the process of starting up his business. He mentioned how it all came crushing for him, but instead of them breaking him down, they motivated him instead.

Anthony mentioned that before he started his journey, he didn’t know the level of challenge. Soon after he gained exposure, big challenges and trials started popping out. But when he goes through them each time, his level of confidence rises a lot more.

“Right now, I am cleared of doubts as to whether I have what it takes or not. Overcoming challenges striped me off my personal doubts !! Now I look in the mirror and I smile. I tell myself I was built for this.”

He insisted that he would have been wallowing in self doubt if not for the trials he faced and overcame that proved to him that he has what it takes.

Anthony implores entrepreneurs like him to always try to motivate themselves. ‘Never doubt that we have what it takes to go all the way. Let’s pick the positives from our challenges and move stronger. Picture yourself as a man looking for stones to build a castle; and the challenges you face are actually stones being thrown at you, he said.

Anthony insists he was glad to pick these stones up and build my castle. The more stones, the better.

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