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How Allison Boettcher Started Tourists’ Most Preferred Coffee Spot In Florida With Her Savings

Jamaican-American entrepreneur
Allison Boettcher, established Blue mountain Coffee House with her savings which has now become tourists’ most preffered coffee spot in Florida, United States.

Allison was inspired and encouraged to start her own business by her grandmother.

She then decided to use all her savings to open the business and her credit cards for the initial inventory. She started off with a simple chalkboard for my menu, baked all her pastries from scratch, and worked all shifts.

Gradually, Boettcher’s coffee house becomes one of the most preferred locations for local coffee lovers and tourists, especially Japanese tourists in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Allison Boettcher work towards her vision statement which says ‘Real Coffee, One Love, One World’. Blue Mountain Coffee House is committed to preserving and palletizing the authentic taste of coffee, created with love, for the world to enjoy.

Blue Mountain Coffee House provides breakfast and lunch all day, such as organic pancakes, waffles, crepes, sandwiches, croissants, bagels, and artisan bread and pastries baked onsite. They.also serve indigenous Jamaican breakfast and lunch.”

Boettcher the black woman entrepreneur, said that “it is truly impressive to be compared to Starbucks in such a short time. Though the road has not been smooth but she was able to achieve great success through her coffee business.

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