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How Alima Bawah Tackled Livestock Mortality Issue In Ghana With CowTribe

It’s quite amazing how young and talent African youths are rising up and tackling the problems faced by the continent. After six years of working as a journalist, Alima Bawah took a moment to assess the challenges faced by rural communities and decided to tackle one of the problems herself. She has successfully provided a lasting solution to the death rate of livestock in Ghana’s livestock industry.

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When Alima was working as a journalist, she focused on stories that will help resolve this problem, but she discovered that the government are not doing anything about it. So she took it up as a challenge to act, hence her decision of resigning as a journalist.

Alima Bawah is currently the co-founder of CowTribe, a company which was launched in May 2016 to resolve the pending issue of livestock mortality rate and increase productivity and farmer’s income.

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The company provides veterinary treatment to economical animals (goat, sheep, chicken and cattle) and sometimes pigs, depending on the geographical area.

In addition, CowTribe provides livestock owners with a Near Field Communication card (NFC card) which holds the farmer’s information and serves a wallet. The NFC card is similar to a biometric card. When placed at the back of a smartphone, it fetches information from the card to the phone, allowing the field agent to read farmer’s information, including the number of animals.

Farmers using these cards can call CowTribe anytime for service delivery. They also receive advisory messages and notifications to let them know when their animals are due for a vaccination.


So far, CowTribe has served about 30,000 farmers in 150 communities across the northern, upper eastern, and western regions of Ghana.

Alimatu Bawah Wiabriga received Young Leaders Award from Queen Elizabeth II during the Queen’s Young Leaders Awards Ceremony at Buckingham Palace on June 26, 2018, in London, England.

Her Majesty Hosts The Final Queen's Young Leaders Awards Ceremony

Dear young entrepreneurs if you want to make an impact in your society and make genuine wealth, look out for ways to solve real problems.

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