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How Adebola Williams Built Nigerian Based Media Firm Making Remarkable Impact In Africa

Adebola Williams, fondly called, Debola Lagos is the co-founder of Red Media, and one of the brains behind Future Awards, Ynaija Magazine, and Rubbin’ Minds TV talkshow.

He co-founded and runs Red Africa; Africa’s largest portfolio of youth media brands, a leading media company with a major focus on youth centered themes.

Founded in 2005, Red Media spans content, communication and development with an independent management team.

Adebola has always been a leading light in his generation. Over the last few years, he has accomplished a lot. He is one of the brains behind Future Awards.

Adebola Williams, the Managing Director of RED, a Nigeria media and PR company is one of the leaders of the new generation in Nigeria. In his early 30s, Debola has done a lot to turn himself into a global phenomenon.

His career in media and television began at the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) with advocacy for youth, and eventually good governance. Described as “the man with the golden touch” by Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo, he was profiled by Forbes as the man who helped elect a trifecta of presidents in Africa.

Adebola was born 7 March 1986 “to a wealthy family, but when he was 10, his family lost everything they had so he had to struggle.”

In his early teen years, Adebola wanted to become an actor. Debola, has performed in plays like ‘Wedlock of the gods ‘, ‘The gods are not to be blame’, and Oke Langbodo’.

These were key in earning him a Lagos State Government award at the Nigerian National Theatre, Top 100 UK selected Williams in 2007 and 2008 as one of the Top 100 of his generation.

He was also endorsed as Global Change Maker by the British Council in 2009 whilst attending the World Economic Forum in Cape Town and the Change Maker’s Conference.

In 2010, United Nation’s Population Fund (UNFPA) invited him to work on the African Youth Charter as a youth expert in Zimbabwe.

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