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How 9 Year Old Created Foot Operated Hand Washing Machine

Nine-year-old Stephen Wamukota has won the hearts of many people with his unique innovation.

The nine year old genius from Mukwa village, in Bungoma county, western Kenya created a foot operated hand washing machine otherwise known as Jawam washing machine, during the 2020 pandemic.

Stephen came up with the idea after learning on TV about ways to prevent catching the virus.

This basic machine utilizes foot pedals to dispense water and soap so that people do not have to touch any surfaces with their hands during the handwashing process.
This process undoubtedly reduces the risk of infection and provides a community with the opportunity to safeguard their health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

His foot-operated washing machine helped in curbing the spread of Covid-19 in his community as it reduces the need for people to use the communal tap when washing clothes.

In creating the wooden hand washing machine, Wamukota gathered wood, nails and a small water tank to create the hand washing machine.

Stephen’s father, James Wamukota, told the BBC,
“I had bought some pieces of wood to make a window frame, but I when I came back home after work one day I found that Stephen had made the machine,”

“The concept was his and I helped tighten the machine. I’m very proud,” he said.

Mr Wamukota, who repairs electronic goods for a living, said that his son has always been keen to learn his trade.

He posted his son’s invention on Facebook and was surprised how quickly it was shared, he said.

Stephen has been given Presidential Order of Service, Uzalendo (Patriotic) Award for his unique invention.

Mr Wamukota says he hopes the presidential recognition opens doors for his son to become a great person in the county.

Stephen said that he wants to be an engineer when he grows up and the county governor has promised to give him a scholarship, Mr Wamukota said.

Wycliffe Wangamati, the governor of Bungoma County where Wamukota lives, promised him a scholarship to complete his primary and secondary education.

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