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Heritage Bank’s MD/CEO, Ifie Sekibo Shares Important Tips for Nigerian Entrepreneurs’ Success

The Managing Director(MD)/Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Heritage Bank Limited, Ifie Sekibo shared important tips for Nigerian entrepreneurs over the weekend. He  advised young and aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace partnership. While stressing on the importance of partnership, he said that it is the key towards the actualization of success in business.

This vital tip was shared while in Lagos where he interacted with a select group of young entrepreneurs. He added that partnership in business is important because it facilitates vital information only a few have. Therefore, by engaging partnership, the young entrepreneur could be among this few because partnering and learning from other entrepreneurs becomes crucial for every business owner who intends to succeed.

Ifie Sekibo

Quoting his words,he said –

“Learning from people and forming partnerships is one of the keys to achieving success in any business enterprise. Trying to do things alone or hiding your vision from others might not give adequate results in any given enterprise.

“As a person, I have never done things on my own. Though I have my ideas at every point in time in life but I have always done partnerships because most times, other people are privy to information you do not have. Partnerships have also helped in my propelling my visions and aspirations in life. So, I am urging entrepreneurs not to keep their visions to themselves” – Sekibo

Furthermore, he reiterated the fact that thinking you can be alone or do it all by yourself is a recipe to failure in business. “You cannot be an Island on your own, you need people who know more than you. Even if you know more than them, you need to teach them because that is one of th key signs of leadership,” he said.

Using himself as a vital example, he emphasized  that he has never embarked on any business solely on his own. Despite the fact that the ideas are always originally owned by him. He still reaches out to a team who he believes they can actualize his vision together.

He went further to give examples of how partnerships have helped him to advance his visions and aspirations and concluded by urging young entrepreneurs to never “keep their visions to themselves.”

Mr Sekibo assumed his current position as the MD/CEO of Heritage Bank Limited after many successful years as a top business executive in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector. He is a successful business owner and an alumnus of the Harvard Business School.

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