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Here Are Africa’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In 2020

Innovation makes the difference in companies, despite the whole pandemic situation in the world, some companies have been working tirelessly coming up with diverse innovations that would bring efficiency in their product or services.
An international media brand, Fast Company, recently did their research and came up with a compiled list of most innovative companies in the world and among that list was 434 companies from 39 countries selected based on their impact on their respective geographical industries and cultures. Among these companies are 10 African companies that stood out, from the research of Fast company they are solution providers to their communities with a high level of relevance and importance in Africa.

Here are the top ten most innovative companies in Africa:

Innovative companies are not so hard to pick out regardless of whatever industry they are. In the health sector, 54gene stood out with their genomics research and other services in the medical line of business. It was founded by Dr. Abasi Ene-Obong in 2019, the new startup utilities human genetic data derived from diverse African populations, to improve medical products in the continent.

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54gene made the list according to Fast Company because of its innovative and pioneer step toward creating an Africa-wide genetic bio-bank by partnering with more than a dozen hospitals in Nigeria to analyze the genomes of their patients. The company has raised $4.5 million and has the support of strong investors.

This fashion brand was founded by Sarah Diouf in 2016, the ready-to-wear fashion label became notable after being worn by Beyoncé and featuring in Vogue.

The Senegalese company drives made in Africa wears and materials and also gives local artisans, tailors a global stage for their works to be displayed, most of whom she trains to meet international standards of production.

This is is a Nigerian Indigenous saving platform that helps propagate the habit of saving. The startup was founded in 2016 by Joshua Chibueze, Odunayo Eweniyi, and Somto Ifezue.
The company has raised $1.1 million in capital, as venture capitalists are always after innovative companies like this. It was selected by Fast Company because it helps young Africans invest and save for the future while rolling out features offering users an option to invest in the U.S. dollar.

The logistics startup was founded by Obi Uzor and Ife Oyedele in 2017. It has raised over $37 million and was selected for connecting African truck drivers with companies in need throughout Nigeria and beyond.

The Nigerian-based company pays drivers directly to their bank accounts, eliminating the need for cash transactions and putting all the paperwork online.

Twiga Foods
Peter Njonjo and Grant Brooke are the co-owners of Twiga foods founded in 2014, it is a food distribution company in Kenya and has so far raised over $60 million while disrupting the agritech space.
the company was selected by Fast Company says because of how they professionalized East Africa’s market economy, helping urban shopkeepers source produce from small-scale Kenyan farmers and building out a fintech product that offers vendors credit to build out their businesses.

Copia Global
The Kenyan-based eCommerce company was founded in 2012 by Jonathan Lewis and Tracy Turner. It has raised $48 million and was selected for allowing Kenya’s unbanked and unconnected to participate in eCommerce using a network of 5,000 community-based agents.

Tizeti is a Nigerian founded internet service provider co-owned by Founded by Kendall Ananyi and Ifeanyi Okonkwo. The company is known for providing public Wi-Fi hotspots in urban areas, Tizeti was selected for harnessing the power of the sun for an affordable 4G network. so far Tizeti has raised $5.1 million from venture capital.

Kenyan based Mpost is co-owned by Abdulaziz Omar and Twahir Mohamed was Founded in 2016, it revamps the postal system in the nation by their providing a patented addressing solution turning mobile phones into formal postal addresses

A social enterprise, Lumkani seeks to address the challenge of fires in urban informal settlements and townships in South Africa. The South African company was selected by Fast Company for bringing fire protection and insurance services to South African townships with its devices now in more than 40,000 homes, ensuring more reliability.

mPedigree Founded in 2007, makes use of technology to ascertain the authenticity of medical products and other types of. The company is notable for its innovation and willingness to flush out fake products from the market using text messages and also bringing traceability to seeds and other agricultural products within Africa.

A common trait in all of these innovative companies is the use of digital space and technology, this shows the importance and power of technology. A company that is technologically in tune, not necessarily a tech company but adapts tech into its daily activity is on the path to greatness.


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