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Gombe State Awards Scholarship To 17 year Old Genius Who Constructed Fuel Tanker Model

This is amazing! Talented 17 year old Umar Maizaki,has just earned himself a scholarship that covers his entire schooling period from the Gombe state government for creating a fuel tanker model all by himself.

It is indeed great to see a teenager born without a silver spoon and who didnt have opportunity to attend the best school around, innovate a unique model all by himself using materials gathered from local sources.
We are overwhelmed with his highly creative mind!

The young genius caught the attention of his state’s government when the pictures of his model was posted on a social media platform and he was invited over.

Umar was hosted recently by the Gombe state commissioner of youth who told him about the scholarship that was granted to him, extending from his secondary school down to tertiary level.

His design has also been funded by the government, with the sole aim of maximizing his talent, paving way for him academically, as well as professionally. Thereby inspiring youths and adults in the state to come up with more innovations that may be of benefit to the state and country at large.

Well Done Umar! We Celebrate You! And Wish You Greater Achievements!

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