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Godwin Gabriel’s Moovn App Is Solving Movement Issues For Hotel Guests

Godwin Gabriel is the founder of Moovn, a ridesharing app which is solving movement issues for hotel guest and everyone who wants comfortable ride.

Godwin Gabriel got inspired through hotel guests who had challenges arranging vehicles from one point to another.

He then got the idea to venture into the transportation industry in order to address this challenge. He launched Elite Cars and had up to 15 fleets of cars, including luxury vehicles, for people to rent or hire a chauffeur via his website or by phone

His idea for transportation was good but he was not really satisfied with the business result. Then he made his plans around technology which led him to founding Moovn a ridesharing app.

Moovn is an application that enables you to book an exclusive driver on demand or Pre-Book a ride for a later time and date. He infuse technology into transportation in order to provide customers with car service that’s exclusive, convenient and affordable.

After Moovn has been launched in Seattle, U.S. Moovn has been available in Africa, the Middle East and cities in America, but it also has over 1,400 partners and professional drivers among town cars and taxis.

Moovn started by allowing different vehicle options depending on the local modes of transportation like motorcycles and tricycles in developing economies

The app also has other unique features including the movement of products and services from the marketplace to the consumer and the ability to enable businesses to keep track of their transport logistics.

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