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Ghana’s Viola Labi Is Promoting African Culture With Her Fashion Brand

Culture they say is a way of life, the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

This is exactly the interpretation of Viola Labi, she is culturally plural towards fashion’s interaction with humanity, she believes in unity and humanity irrespective of anyone”s culture whatsoever. The beauty about it is that, she connects culture with entrepreneur, and she has really achieved a lot from that.

Our focus is on Viola Labi today, because of the beauty she sees in culture, and the achievements she has made from that as an entrepreneur.

Viola Labi is a multi creative premium retail strategist, general manager of Versace and founder of Woven worldwide, a design-led fashion enterprise. She has worked with renowned international brands such as: Burberry, ZARA, Loewe, CELINE and Valentino while she caught the attention of media power houses like : Vogue Business, BBC, CNN, etc.

Labi is a Canadian born Ghanian, as she got her inspiration when she relocated back to Ghana.

Her fashion enterprise Woven worldwide is a ground breaking brand that seeks a new direction for luxury retail on the African continent.

“Looking back, I guess you can say we weaved symbolic exchanges of knowledge and cultural practices and this inspired me to creative WOVEN. Although the entire assortment of products are literally woven, the company name speaks to a higher purpose’

Labi said Woven is working to help bring excellence into a fragmented fashion industry in Ghana. Labi pulls from her experience in retail to develop the artisan sector, run primarily by women.

Labi has successful merged the beauty of culture to entrepreneurship which has gone a long way for her.

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