Ghana’s Madam Enyonam Goes Viral After Proving There’s Ability In Disability

We have always been a strong believer and promoter of the saying ‘ there’s ability in disability’ and ‘having believe in oneself’ because we know that having an exceptional image isn’t about what the world calls you but how you represent yourself to them, this beautiful Ghanaian mathematics teacher identified as Madam Enyonam just authenticated our belief with her inspiring story.

Few days ago Madam Enyonam set the internet agog with her determination, selflessness and ability to empower children despite her disability. A hashtag that was started on Twitter, has led to the discovery of a female mathematics teacher, teaching her students by writing with her teeth because apparently, she had no arms.

A photo showed the picture of the teacher, believed to be called Madam Enyonam, teaching math without her arms because she had none. It is reported that she is a teacher at R/C Addo-Agyiri School, though we haven’t been able to confirm if she still teaches in the school presently.

A hashtag which was started on Twitter, ‘#GhanaTrueHero’ sought to celebrate Ghanaians who were in one way or another, doing things for the greater good without considering the lengths they had to go to achieve their aim.

The photo, ever since it was posted, has won the hearts of many Ghanaians and Africans who were in awe and were amazed at the selflessness of the female teacher.

We love Madam Enyonam’s zeal and determination and we believe anyone who comes across this will be motivated to work on his or her and keep making impact in their own little way.

We Celebrate Madam Enyonam and Everyone Thriving Amidst Ugly Situations

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