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GACO CEO, Abdulsamad Aminu Celebrates BUA Group Chairman At 61

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GACO Abdulsamad Aminu celebrates the chairman of BUA GROUP, Abdulsamad Rabiu who clocked 61 year old on Wednesday, August 4, 2021.

BUA GROUP is a leading Nigerian conglomerate active in cement production, sugar refining and real estate.

The promising Nigerian CEO joins well wishers to send his warm greetings to celebrate the milestones heralded by the foremost industrialist founder Chairman BUA Group

Gaco industries limited is a business with interest in key sectors of the Nigerian economy agriculture and agribusiness, ICT, Financial technology, personal care and cosmetics.

Abdulsamad Aminu

Abdulsamad Aminu started his career with Skye Bank transformed Polaris Bank, joined the SkyeBank business school for a Chartered Banking training. He rose through position of Executive assistant to Senior Executive assistant integrating across different sectors of the Bank, Internal control and compliance, Information systems security control & audit, Enteprise wide risk management, Information technology project management.

Aminu join other well wishers to celebrate Abdulsamad Rabiu with an amazing congratulatory message and a birthday cake specially made for him.

Birthday Cake from GACO to BUA GROUP Chairman, Abdulsamad Rabiu

His congratulatory message reads;

Hearty Cheers to astute business magnate whose industrialization, innovation, philanthropic gestures speaks to the depth of his greater vision, industrial development and charitable causes.

Your leadership for a creating jobs, opportunities has translated into strengthening the pillars of the nation which has set a legendary and exemplary path for the youth

May Almighty God reward you with longer life, good health, and more wisdom. Happy Birthday Sir.”

More About Abdulsamad Aminu

Business owner

Abdulsamad steered his humble business digs cramped in international business before being a college graduate in 2014 featuring how far the startup he founded importing women shoes  from Asia and trading in Nigeria become an established business in the year 2020.

Banker at Heart

In 2018 Abdulsamad join Skye Bank Business and become a trainee of professional career that lean to a Chartered Institute of Banking training. The completion of the program marks the beginning of his banking career journey as executive assistant Internal control Information systems security control & audit, rose to Senior executive assistant Information technology project management.

As Internal control and compliance, Information systems security control and audit executive, his advance for ensuring diligence has match integrity of financial institution, his commitment has roared into the limelight, with the many brilliant strides and executions in Internal control, Information systems security control & audit, Information technology project management, enterprise transformation initiatives of the Bank that overhauled its  IT infrastructure within the last two years and upgraded its digital capability which transform the bank to a sound financial institution.

Abdulsamad is a rare breed banking professional, who contribute to burgeoning institution – Polaris Bank, a sound financial establishment that has increases its face value along time. He devoted his skills to the Banks corporate goal during transformation Skye Bank to Polaris Bank building robust, safest, and digitally-enabled Bank whose products and services enriched user experience.

No doubt his epitome of work as a young banker evident in his immense contribution to the bank has turnaround a rechristened financial institution within a very short space of two years. It sounds like a fairy tale to have a young professional who put up his skills towards building a corporate giant finance institution.

Skilled Merchant – With Banking at Heart

With his Banking exposure at heart, Abdulsamad fully navigate his digs and establish Gaco to begin business in a formal manner, this has underscored how far the startup he founded on becoming college graduate in 2014 has come from its beginning of a confined international trading to a fully established business in Nigeria. Gaco has set its footprint in agribusiness including rice farming, sesame export, personal care & cosmetic products creating value for its stakeholders. With his Midas touch, Gaco has partner for international agribusiness exporting sesame seeds Nigeria’s black gold to Asia.

The story of Abdulsamad is a remarkable one and his journey up to his point of been a banker, business owner, skill merchant creates an esque to fellow youth and enough blue print for one to begin a remarkable journey in their path.

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