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“The future of the world is largely played out in Africa”- Emmanuel Macron

In his speech to the ambassadors,French President Emmanuel Macron formalized the Presidential Council for Africa last Tuesday as he promised during the presidential campaign that preceded his election. This working group, made up of volunteers, mostly of African origin, is designed to better identify the challenges facing the continent.

“The future of the world is largely played out in Africa. “

Three months after his arrival at the Elysée, Emmanuel Macron took advantage of his first speech to the ambassadors on Tuesday (August 29th) in Paris, to raise even more the veil on the main orientations of his foreign policy. And reiterate its determination to place the African continent at the heart of French diplomacy.

” Africa is not only the continent of migrations and crises, it is a continent of the future. That is why we can not leave him alone to face his demographic, climatic and political challenges, “the French president said. Before announcing: “I will soon go to Ouagadougou to carry this message”.
“It will not be a new think tank or an African fan club of the President of the Republic ” but a body in charge of advising the head of state and bringing back proposals, the Elysee said.

Among these dozens of volunteers are Franco-Benin footballer Jean-Marc Adjovi-Boco, Kenyan researcher Yvonne Mburu, French lawyer Yves-Justice Djimi and Jules-Armand Aniambossou, ambassador of Benin in France and ex -campoon of promotion of Emmanuel Macron to the ENA and also an entrepreneur of Senegalese origin born in France Karim Sy.

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