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From Drunk Fashionista To Owner Of Multi-Billion Dollar Fashion Brand, Lekau Sehoana Shares His Inspiring Story

Lekau Sehoana had inspired his fans after he shared a brief story of his life before he became a successful self-made entrepreneur.

Taking to Linkedin recently, Lekau shared an old picture of himself, 21 years old and slumbering on the floor after a drunken night.

“Drunkard, poverty-stricken and hopelerss. But a lover of fashion and the pop culture,” he wrote.

Lekau said he relied heavily on alcohol to help him forget the harsh realities of life that he faced, until he decided to quit alcohol

He said, “alcohol has been a way to escape the sad reality of poverty and pain. I hope you too turn your life around with whatever the devil you are facing, and make your dreams come true.”

Now successful, Lekau is affiliated with renowned personalities and top brands and has also made a name for himself in the entrepreneur space. His brand name Drip footwear is a big brand and established fully in South Africa with this he has made a new for himself and become successful through his business.

He has 18 fashion stores around the country and is aiming to have more in the later years.

“It feels great to be this young and, after two years and six months, to own a brand that employs so many people. I think we are sitting at 115 employees right now, he said

“I have a huge responsibility; God forbid something goes wrong what am I going to do with 115 people? That’s what pushes me, that we have to keep the jobs and keep the brand,” he told Sowetan in an interview last year.

What pushes me is my responsibility to keep the job and keep the brand also I have a lot of staffs working for the brand.

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