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From A Street Beggar To A Lawyer: Inspiring Story Of Abdulsalam Idowu

Here is the story of Abdulsalam Idowu, astreet beggar who became a lawyer. We find his story to be highly motivating, and we would love you to read and learn from him.

Idowu bagged a law degree from the University of Lagos. He was among the 4,225 graduates of the Nigerian Law school called to bar in Abuja in 2016.

At age 3, he lost his mother. He was left with a father and extended relatives who cared less for him.

Shortly after his mum died, a strange ailment befell him. This ailment left him crippled. Since his relatives gave no hoot about him, he resorted to begging on the streets from the age of 8.

He was a popular beggar in Erin Ile, Kwara State who begged for the purpose to chase his dreams. He sponsored his education through primary and secondary school.

At 37-year-old in 2011, he obtained a degree in Political Science from the same University of Lagos but was not satisfied without his Law degree.

The unsatisfied Idowu, therefore, struggled to secure admission to study Law while in the final year of the first degree programme.

In his final year at Unilag, while writing his project for his first degree, Political Science, he applied again for Law and this time, he was given the admission.

Through determination and persistence, he became who he is today.

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