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From a Liberian Refugee To a Real Estate Mogul: Inspiring Story Of Adenah Bayoh

Adenah Bayoh’s story is one that proves that if your will is strong enough, a way will be provided for its accomplishment. Here is a story of a Liberian refugee turned real estate mogul.

A former Liberian civil refugee from the age of 9. When she was 12, she had an opportunity to visit America where she seized the opportunity of going to school.

Adenah schooled in a public secondary school in New Jersey. She later furthered her self-sponsored education at the Fairleigh Dickson University where she studied Business Management. While schooling, she was working part-timely at Mcdonalds. Information gathered online provides that she also filled in as a Resident Assistant which played a major role in her present achievements.

After her University education, she got a job in the banking sector which exposed her to lucrative ventures. She fell in love with Real Estates and gradually invested in it.

Information gathered reveals that apart from real estates, she also ventured into the food business which was inspired by her grandmother who owned a restaurant.

Today, she is the owner of three well recognized IHOPs establishments in Newark, Paterson, and Irvington in New Jersey. Also, she manages landed investments worth over $250 million dollars.

From an in-depth research, we found that she runs the second largest food network in Irvington and she recently launched Cornbread that involves from farm-to-table Inorganic meals.

Although, the road to success has been an extremely rough one. She recalled when she just bought her first house. She said she had to sleep on the floor for 6 months because she used all her savings to purchase the house.

She decided to buy an IHOP restaurant franchise in 2007 at the age of 25. Despite her compelling business plan, the bank denied her loan over seven times.

But one day, while she was discussing with a friend on her plan to purchase the franchise, someone over heard her and eventually gave her the amount she needed which made her the youngest African-American to own an IHOP franchise at the age of 27.

The franchise went on to become the fastest growing franchise in Northeast America and one of the top grossing in the region.

Adenah did not forget her past. She remembers where she came from and has put and still puts measures in place to connect with people that are in her shoes she was once in.

She empowers the less privileged by providing jobs. She also focuses on developing the less developed black societies which has led to a partnership with her and the Mayor.

We learnt that she allows NGOs to run charitable events at are restaurants where she provides breakfast to children under the age of 12 and as well holds dinners for needy families during holidays.

Talking on her achievements, in January 2015 when she was appointed to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Advisory Council on Small Business and Agriculture and in December, she was on the list of Ebony magazine’s Power 100.

In March, 2014, she was honoured as one of the Top 50 women in business by the publication NJBIZ and was on the cover of March 24th Issue.

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