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From A Drive-through Barbecue Restaurant To A Global Brand: Learn From McDonalds’ Story

Today, McDonalds is seen as a global brand but what many do not know is that before it became this, it was a small barbecue restaurant. Infact, one cannot talk about three global restaurant brands without mentioning McDonalds. But did it start out as a global brand?

It all started in the year 1940, when two brothers decided to start a drive-through restaurant, one that offered a wide selection of items. 

In 1948, it was a new dawn for the McDonalds brothers as they decided to revamp the business. 

And as such, the rebuilding and revamping took them three months to achieve. This new structure was built to provide huge quantities of food at low prices. 

In doing this, items on their menu weee limited as they only featured hamburgers, potato chips, drinks and pie alongside building a simple and efficient format they called the Speedee Service System. 

In this system, the customers could serve themselves as the hamburgers were prepared ahead and they warmed under heat lamps. By cost, they charged less than other restaurants as they were the most affordable at the time. 

Soon thereafter, a franchise program began. 

Their absolute dexterity and zeal some seared them to a Salesman named Ray Kroc; whom they purchase appliances from. He visited the restaurant personally in 1954 as he wondered how a small shop could sell such a large amount of milkshakes. Thereafter, he became a franchise agent for the duo. Then,in 1955, he launched McDonalds Systems Inc. which was later known as McDonalds Corporation in Des Plaines,Illinois. 

Seeing that building a franchise was serious business, the Franchise agen Kroc decided to build a standardized operation of McDonalds. 

In 1961, he created a program he called Hamburger University to train other franchises. 

McDonalds is well known for hamburgers, cheeseburgers and French fries even though they have items like chicken, fish, etc. 

Today, the brand has grown to the extent that the amount generated by the company’s owner and franchise restaurants in 2019 alone, was 4% the estimated $2.5 trillion global restaurant industry. 

Despite the criticism faced by the brand, it has grown over the years. 

Serving over sixty eight million,  McDonalds is the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue with presence in more than 100 countries of the world with over 40,000 outlets across the globe, McDonalds is no doubt a global brand. 

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