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Fred Lawanson Is Set To Empower Nigerian Youths With Digital Skills Paying Higher Than Yahoo Business

Nigerian Entrepreneur and book author, Fred Lawanson will launch his first-ever fiction book, “How to be a Yahoo Boy”  together with a digital skills programme this December with aims to inspire and empower Nigerian Youths to get high paying digital jobs preferably compared to engaging in cyber-crimes such as ‘Yahoo’, as it is widely known and called.

Also known as Mr Hustle in certain spheres, Fred Lawanson is a Nigerian, author, speaker, consultant and serial entrepreneur who is passionate about self-development, empowerment and Nigeria, with a background in sales, banking/finance and have been fortunate to work in different sectors of the economy.

In the digital skills empowerment program, youths and entrepreneurs across the country will be trained on various digital tools which may include; Content marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Data Analytics, and Email marketing, amongst others.

According to Fred Lawanson, his book titled, “How to be a Yahoo boy”  was borne from comments a reader made about his previous books, stating that “they should have huge patronage from the youths if it were an ideal situation but the youths of today would rather go after superficial things like how to do Yahoo business” (meaning scams).

His reader’s comment urged him to google “How to be a Yahoo boy” and conduct mini research on the topic. Being amazed by the search results running into hundreds of millions, he concluded there is a very huge market for such content.

Coupled with his knowledge and experience in earning legit income from the digital space, he decided to use this information to create a solution that will help address the menace of “Yahoo business” (scams) amongst the youth population and other societal ills through awareness and digital skill acquisition.

Fred Lawanson will be engaging Nigerian youths and young entrepreneurs on various digital skills they can learn while empowering them with those skills to become digitally enlightened and savvy. Each participant or beneficiary of the digital training will be learning different digital tools they can leverage to generate passive or active income.

 The message he wants to pass across with his digital empowerment program and his book, hoping it won’t be misconstrued by the controversial title is, “there is a guaranteed destructive end to engaging in activities such as ‘Yahoo’ and there are better and legit alternatives to making money with your laptop or phone which you can channel your energy to.” he said.

The book is about a young man, who was frustrated by his financial situation and saw Yahoo business as a way out but got into more problems instead. The storyline is typical but with a twist that is attention-grabbing, highly entertaining, and with a moral message”, giving more details about the book he intends to launch.

He also mentioned that he believes Nigerian youths are a blessed lot and should not be in want but the lack of relevant knowledge is the bane of the problems we all are currently facing. “Only if we can have a common defined vision and as many selfless leaders as possible, we will be a world power,” he stated.

With the book launch and the digital skills training programme, Fred Lawanson aims to capture the attention of every individual especially the youths and those who love and appreciate creative content.

He hopes that this will bring about empowerment to Nigerians, and Africans at large, in form of knowledge and employment. He believes it’s his own little way of contributing to the development of society.

 “You can be who or what you want to be but choose to be who you’re created to be because, for every vision, there is provision and satisfaction.”, Fred stated, urging youths and entrepreneurs to choose what is the right path to success.

He further urges youths and entrepreneurs to visit his website to get copies of his books to take advantage of the training package stating that the free digital skill programs will be funded by the proceeds from the book sale especially to those who buy the printed copy.

“It’s my first fiction book and it’s titled “How to be a Yahoo boy”, he said. The ebook version will also be available on Amazon and

“The book affords me the opportunity to showcase a different side of me unlike the nonfiction, the motivational side that people already know.”, Fred further mentioned.

Fred Lawanson aims to keep up with his passion for self-development, empowerment, and Nigeria, as he urges his readers to be in anticipation of his future plans and initiatives.

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