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Five Tips On How To Pitch Your Business To Investors

Getting ready investors for your business or business idea is one thing, and getting these investors to be convinced about your product and service is another thing, this is why you need a “winning” pitch for that business or business idea; today, in today’s article we will be sharing five tips we are sure that you will find helpful on how you can pitch your business to investors. 

From the point when you have a business idea, you should be ready to pitch your idea to anyone including those who will be interested in your business. 

Your first pitch is your BUSINESS PLAN. The investors see what you have written and move it further to want to hear from you. 

If you are a business owner and you do not have a concrete business plan and an appealing pitch deck then you should be talking to us at Espact right away as we can help you craft one. 

People have great ideas, great plans and sometimes great business plans but lack the right skills on pitching the ideas, the plans to investors who are looking to put in some money into a profitable venture. 

Here are five tips we are sure that you will find helpful on how you can pitch your business to investors. 

  1. Be Real: Nothing beats originality. Of ideas, of thoughts, and of numbers. Many business owners these days exaggerate numbers just to get an investor’s “yes” but this is not only deceitful but injurious to both the business owner and the business itself. Stay real, keep it original. As convincing as you may want to sound, do not “sweet-talk” an investor. 
  1. Employ the tool of storytelling: When trying to convince people to invest in your business or idea, one effective way to do this is by storytelling. This way, your idea is relatable and helps you build a connection with them. While telling your story, ensure that you emphasize the problem and portray your business as the needed solution. 
  1. Wear confidence: Who talks about their business and is shy or timid? This should not be you. Show up confidently. Strut in heels if you want, wear clean clothes, walk in with a smile on your face and hide every form of nervousness you may feel. 
  1. Practice, practice and practice: Your pitch needs to flow naturally. It needs to sound natural. Practice your lines carefully. Practice it until you feel confident enough to present it without taking a recourse to any material. 
  1. Get your numbers right: One of the red flag your intending investors may look out for is how well you know your numbers. 

Bonus tip: 

  1. Do not exaggerate, do not understate: Most investors are only interested in the figures, get it right. Rehearse and perfect them. Numbers help them determine if your business is a profitable one to venture into. 

Apply these few tips to your next pitch and you’re sure to hit the right spot. 

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Written by Faith Paulinus

A Content Writer. Law Graduate. Social Media Manager.

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