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Five Must-Have Tech Tools For Your Business

In the traditional society, way before the advent of technology humans have always done things the “traditional way”, from record keeping to managing operations, due to technological advancements, majority of these activities can now be automated and done faster using tech tools.

Human beings has evolved beyond the pen and paper era, long tortuous hours of meetings, etc of managing business, interacting and even communicating.

The “old” tools include a physical work space, tables and chairs, fans, pen, pacers, files and a host of other items.

With the advent of technology these things have changed.

In this article, we would be sharing with you FIVE must have tech tools for your business in this dispensation.

The five tech tools we would be looking at are:

● Quick Books: The importance of finance in every business; either SMEs, startups, etc. cannot be overemphasized.

Properly accounting for money made is as important as making and as such every penny made must be accounted for.

Quick Books is an easy-to-use, one stop accounting software.

This app helps small and medium entreprises manage their accounts. With simple and easy to understand features like the keeping track of financial situations like income and expenses, employee expenses and also allows one to take inventory in real-time.

Many small and medium enterprises, have employed the use of QuickBooks in the instance where they cannot hire a human accountant. 

● Canva: This can be used for a wide range of actions. This includes but is not limited to: video editing, and the most popular making of stunning designs.

As  a SME, hiring a graphics designer or video editor may be unnecessary and unaffordable at a particular time, but you can actually make use of this app.

Canva works easily as there are already-made templates one can adapt for use, thereby making it an easy to use tool.

● Google Drive: This can also be described as your “store house” as it is in the case of physical businesses.

The Google Drive is a box containing all your business’ visuals, documents, etc.

This store allows you to manage your business from anywhere and provides a safe storage of your “online” properties. 

One amazing feature of Google Drive is its cloud storage benefit. 

Accessing and controlling your business from any part of the world especially now that the world is becoming a global village is mindblowing.

● Trello: This is a project management tool for every business.  With Trello, you can successfully manage all your projects with your Team members and clients, irrespective of their physical location.

Most organisations assign tasks on boards(these are similar to real-life boards) to team members and include due date including other important details about it: this way, once the team member logs in, he gets to see what tasks belong to him and when it is due.

● Slack: 

Slack is an online tool for communication.

Usually, teams meet periodically to discuss certain crucial matters but as we know the time for that may not alway be feasible as a lot needs to be accomplished, an alternative is having every team member on a platform that functions like an apartment. 

Slack aids communication especially with the many features like the teams feature, the ease in messaging and lots more.

Which of these tech tools do you currently use and which do you enjoy the most?

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