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Five Leadership Lessons To Be Learnt from Queen Elizabeth II

With over 70 years of leadership experience under her belt, Queen Elizabeth II of the Queen of England definitely has what it takes to write a best-selling personal development book. But, of course, she had more pressing needs to attend to.

Since she couldn’t divulge her trade secrets, six experts share their own insights on the leadership lessons we can learn from the Britain’s 96-year-old deceased Head of State. The late queen had traits that made her stay friendly and act as an exemplary leader till her death.
Here are five leadership traits and skills to learn from the late monarch;

  1. Co-operate and Collaborate

Being queen may seem like a woman’s job, but in reality, it’s a team job. “The Queen surrounds herself with mentors,” says Terry Blackburn, entrepreneur and author of Be A Lion. “She doesn’t do her job alone – she collaborates with those around her, makes decisions with her team, and shares responsibilities with the rest of the family.”
He added, “A successful leader will always have the right mindset and communicate well with others. Working collaboratively and making the most of the skills and experience of the team around you is the key to achieving great things.

  1. Have your own authentic brand

Queen Elizabeth is often considered to have the most recognized face in the world. She is also known for her elegant and distinct style of dress. And, in her 70-year reign, she’s done a remarkable job in building her personal brand through the way she acts, what she says, and of course, what she does, she wears and she is very self-aware.
Eudora Pascall, co-author of Bringing Your Heart to Business: How to Put People, Planet, and Purpose at the Heart of What You Do. “When your inner and outer worlds are in harmony, you will reach your full potential.”

  1. Take mental health seriously

The Queen is known for her stoic personality, but that doesn’t mean she takes her mental health for granted. Mark Simmonds, founder of creative training agency GENIUS YOU and author of Beat Stress at Work, thinks the Queen is taking care of her own mental health by balancing work (screening a big red box full of papers) with life (spending time walking his Corgis, visiting his horses and eating raspberry jam sandwiches).
“By staying busy and continuing to learn, the queen’s neurotransmitters will keep working,” says Simmonds. “And that’s amplified by the fact that the work she does has both purpose and meaning.”

  1. Be resilient in the face of adversity

During her remarkable reign, Queen Elizabeth II has experienced war and peace, booms and busts, a global pandemic, family scandals, and personal tragedy. In total, she has been served by 14 British prime ministers. Last year, she lost her husband, Prince Philip, a few months before his 100th birthday. However, she returned to work a few days after his death.

Gemma Leigh Roberts, licensed psychologist, founder of coaching platform The Resilience Edge and author of Mindset Matters: Development Mental Agility, comments: “Over the past 70 years, the Queen has gone through many changes. Change and uncertainty and has demonstrated leadership with resilience and resilience to thrive in uncertain conditions. Leigh Roberts said while there were times when the Queen was simply ‘moving on’ in the face of a challenge, there were other instances when she changed direction or adjusted her approach. All are essential elements of psychological resilience.

  1. Serve to lead

The Queen’s leadership style is best summed up by Sandhurst Military Academy’s motto: Serve to Lead. “At the heart of this philosophy is the idea that leadership is an act of service — serving the people you lead and the purpose you work for,” says Neil Jurd OBE, author of The Leadership Book and is the founder of Chef Connect said skills background. “In this leadership style, the focus is outward, on others, and on the goal.”
Jurd highlights how the Queen has dedicated her life to serving others, since she trained as a truck mechanic during the Second World War. “She is still working 30 years after the legal retirement age,” he said, “meeting people, encouraging their efforts, and representing the nation. I had the honor of meeting her recently and what impressed me most was the way she took the time to connect with people – always patient and caring.
These traits were evidently present in her rule for 70 years; it made her gain respect and presence all over the world. She ascended to the throne at a very young age but has displayed the utmost maturity, character, determination and commitment, which has made her one of the longest reigning monarchs in the world. Her leadership qualities have brought her to this position, and business leaders can also learn a thing or two about leadership from Her Majesty. In this article, you’ll discover Queen Elizabeth II’s five outstanding leadership qualities that set her apart from other leaders.

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