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Five Entrepreneurship Lessons From Chess Game

Wondering what games have got to do with lessons? Are games not just games anymore? Well, we would be sharing five entrepreneurship lessons from the game of chess. Irrespective of the fact that you may be an amateur player or even a novice.

Popularly known as the game of Kings and Queens, the game of chess is one that should be played by all. Today, while we talk about this game, we are not learning how it is played but we are applying the FIVE LESSONS from the game of chess to building our businesses.

Chess is a board game that has been played for centuries, with the ideology surrounding the art of war. It is one game that has been proven to be a blend of strategy, tactics and winning/triumphing over opponents.

For every chess player, all efforts are geared towards winning the opponent, so for every player, it is not a familiarity ground, it is competition, and to win, it requires the application of EVERY strategy available at the player’s arsenal.

Isn’t this similar to business? You want to build a brand, but for what? For profit but one thing that ensures your profits are the strategies you employ.

Today, we will be sharing FIVE LESSONS to learn from the game of chess;

  1. Understand the Rules: Before starting out in your business you must understand the rules. You cannot play a game you do not understand. Knowing what to do, when to do it and HOW to do it is key. Ensure that you at least learn the ropes of your business before venturing into it as this will save you from unnecessary losses. 
  1. Study and understand your opponents and players: Nobody starts a venture without directly or indirectly consulting a player in the same industry. Either by silently observing or by being under their mentorship.

This is the same in the game of chess, you monitor and understand your opponents. This will allow you know when you should attack and counterattack.

Know what your competitors are doing differently in the market, what they are offering to customers, their pricing, their strategy, etc.

  1. Have the right attitude: Everyone who plays has one aim and it is to win. Chess is not a place for fun, it is a game played with one person winning. 

As a business owner, are you doing business with the right mindset/attitude? Have you given up already? Do business with the mindset of WINNING.

  1. Have several moves ahead: In chess, planning is key so also in business, make plans, and make moves. Study trends, be futuristic with your plannings. Your competitors are also not relenting, so ensure to stay on top of your game.
  1. Efficiently manage your resources: In chess, knowing when to move is key so as to avoid a waste of resources.

In business, you need to learn management of resources effectively. Resources in the form of cash and other things used in running the business. 

Conclusively, applying the lessons in a real life situation like business/entrepreneurship is worthy. And we hope you find these lessons valuable.

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Written by Faith Paulinus

A Content Writer. Law Graduate. Social Media Manager.

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