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Fatima Nasser Is Empowering Women via Her Food App, Yummy

African entrepreneurs, particularly youths can be inspired by  the story of Fatima Asan, a 21-year old lady empowering women through her food app which she called  Yummy.

This story should inspire ideas which should help the economy diversify and change its focus from oil.

The war-shattered Libya has inspired a brilliant few Libyans to solve certain problems citizens of the country are faced with.

Despite Libya’s distance from the slick systems of Silicon Valley, there has been a birth of new generation tech entrepreneurs.

One of such is tech entrepreneur, Fatima Nasser. She was born in Sabha, a city in southwestern Libya, she was just 13 when the 2011 Arab uprising began and Libya’s long-time leader Moammar Gadhafi was overthrown.

Since then, the country has been plagued by political instability, armed conflict and economic challenges. Thousands of people have been displaced, infrastructure and basic social services have been destroyed.

But this young girl insists that the conflict that dominated her teenage years had one positive side-effect.

“It helped me grow in a way that would never happen in normal circumstances,” she says. “The war and its consequences on the Libyan economy…did somehow push me into aspiring to be an entrepreneur.”

Now that she is 21, this young girl has been inspired by the Upheavals Libya is experiencing. It has inspired a new invention to her name. This invention is a food application she calls “YUMMY.”

Yummy renders the services of delivering homemade meals cooked by women in their own kitchens. This app has been experimented in her hometown Sabha and it is really doing great. She even said that 300 cooks are ready to start work when the application launches this month in Libya’s second-largest city Benghazi, and the capital Tripoli.

Yummy is one product of a nationwide movement to encourage entrepreneurial development and help diversify the Libyan economy away from oil.

From observation Nigerian youths  and entrepreneurs can be inspired by Fatima’s industry because the Nigerian economy is patterned alike to Libya’s where oil is the dominant commodity that runs the economy while other sectors are relegated to the background.

This app as also served as a means for livelihood for most women as it has provided jobs for many jobless women.

Source: CNN Africa.

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