Fashion is what you call it: Top Hottest Male Models In LASU

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Today, we  present to you a culled fashion article from Everythingfashionng, this article is directed mainly to youths with wrong fashion sense, i believe as you read along  your perception  about FASHION will definitely be corrected.

It is generally accepted that fashion goes with trend, but many take fashion to be  what the popular designers or celebrities call it forgetting the fact that we can define fashion to suit our personality and still make it trendy. Being fashionable has nothing to do with indecency like many youths portray it to be in recent times. Fashion is what you want it to be! To me , being fashionable means to be creative,smart,comfortable and elegant. Am sure fashion means something different to you but remember your definition should always be within the decency curve. 

Take a chill pill and concentrate as the TOP HOTTEST MALE MODELS IN LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY  share what FASHION means to them.



Fashion to me is simplicity and comfort” – AYO_D3

Staying real, knowing what you want likewise loving it has been a yardstick in modeling for Ayo_D3 who’s real name is Hunjo Pesu Ayodeji. Ayodeji is a Lagos State University 400 level student under faculty of science studying computer science have so much love for fashion buttressing it with humility, loyalty and being real with so much dislike for being look down upon with lies and disrespect including living a fake life.

Hunjo despite his love for fashion don’t miss his hobbies like playing video games, watching movies, internet surfing and of course watching fashion shows and dressing to look good.

Mark & spencer, Next, T.M Lewin, Versace are the designs he love best. Fashion to someone like Ayo_D3 is just simplicity and comfort.

Ayo_D3 along the line shared with us that his still working with photographers, doing shoot with them to get better and have not done any work yet. He father said that he have decide to select and work with creative fashion designers that appreciate designing for male models and to get more, understanding about fashion, though the industry is filled with female models.

He advised student and upcoming models to stay real to themselves and community at large, know what they want, love it and stay truth to their passion. He concluded that fashion never dies, no new or old, fine or ugly but just the way of life

 “Fashion is a unique way of decorating  yourself or something” – Mario

Mario Vera-Cruz aka Marion a student of Lagos State University School of Communication studying mass communication in his first year.
In an interview with Marion as his love to be called said his hobbies are eating, hanging out with friends, dancing and as we know him to be a model, modeling. He dislike noisy people (watch out!!!) And lies.

”Fashion ; a form of expressing oneself ”-Bhorlag

Young model Bhorlag who’s hoping to walk on the runway of New York fashion week one day has being a dream for him. Bhorlag, originally named Ahmed Abolaji Alebiosu studying medicine and surgery in Lagos State University College of Medicine (LASUCOM).

Abolaji love for art is natural as so his dislike for arrogance and disrespect is real. “Staying in my lane” is one of the first and foremost hobby Bhorlag said when asked about his hobbies and also a few like playing basketball and of course watching football including social networking.

Bhorlag as he love to be called doesn’t really have any favorite designs but loves anything he feels comfortable in. And when asked what the big word Fashion means to him he said its a form of expressing oneself, sort of modified state of art.

Abolaji took us through his journey as a model starting three months back from now when he was signed to a modeling agency called “Catch22 Model Management”. And also his big plans for next two years as making it to the top by making it to the biggest fashion shows like New York Fashion Week and likewise doing commercials for top companies.

Bhorlag G-spot is his height, is quite tall at stand of 6.4ft. Bhorlag advice to student and models coming up is taking extreme dedication in what they are doing and love it fully.

“Fashion is You” – Lewizzy

 For an individual like Samuel taking fashion as a personality, seeing it as anything innovative. Olaniyan Ayodeji Samuel aka Lewizzy is a student of Lagos State University, faculty of management science, in his third year studying insurance loves singing, playing guitar, swimming and dancing.

Lewizzy as his nick share with us his love for African designs not just that but also Aztec prints and Vintages also. He father said, “I love retros and oldies”.

When Samuel was asked by our correspondent what fashion is to him, he said “Fashion is You”. He also said its a way of expressing yourself. He also said more that fashion to him is anything innovative, giving instance that lot of people won’t accept your style at first but with time they’ll feel and copy you.

He, Ayodeji also share with us how he started modeling, though not to long but started as a commercial model basically under Royal Agency, Lagos.


Samuel aka Lewizzy in the next two years to come by God’s grace project himself as a top model in the industry. Samuel takes his G-spot to be his face. He advised upcoming models to keep their heads straight and not letting people”s opinions affect their career.

 Willy, Mr Fashion My Attitude

 The prolific designer started out as a model at the age of 16 when he was hand picked by the lady named Ese. The lady was said to have noticed his inherent talent which was tagged on his physical qualities. She became his manager and groomed him. He further said that they worked together for years on which it was fruitful because he got paid and now his a “Fashionista”. Therefore, he majorly made his wears himself.

Fashion to some people is everything, life, nature, their world, life style and an input of attitude to dressing.

Seyi Williams who is popularly known as Willy who’s a model and also a fashion designer, the convener of the fashion show in LASU “Fashion My Attitude”. His a 400 level student of Lagos State University studying English.

During an interview with one of our correspondent it was discovered that Willy appreciates every creative work and doesn’t have any favorite designer. He likes most good things and frowns towards disappointments.

The “Fashionista” have stand as a source to encouragement to people who have the body but are scared to venture into it. Also, have created a platform through designers, trainers and also taking photo shoot of models.

When G-spot was asked, Willy said “My chest”. Willy advised students and upcoming models that they should love God first, study hard, have this self believe about what they love and do what is needed to be done to attain their promise land.

“Fashion covers it up” – Wills_Jamal

So much fun for a model that loves dancing and styling putting his everything to showcase his fashion lifestyle. Williams Emmanuel popularly known as Wills_Jamal is a student of Lagos State University studying Microbiology in faculty of science in his first year.

Wills_Jamal as a model use his less busy hour to either dance or style up as he takes that as hobbies as well as he dislike disappointment.

He loves denim and said to comfortable in Nike wears collections also. When chatting up with Emmanuel with our correspondent, fashion to a model like him who also own a clothing line is everything to him, giving instance on his personality, attitude and also character, saying “Fashion covers it up”.

He further told our correspondent his made and still making decisions, one of it is his clothing line, “House of Wills” which he said he his trying to use this platform to invent fashion collections that are yet to be seen. And when asked how his journey as a model will be in the next two years all he could say his “Only God can say”.

Emmanuel Williams takes his G-spot to be his pack (Abs) and his smile. He then advised upcoming models and students to be focus and determine and they will achieve their goals and dreams


 “Fashion to me is wearing anything good that’s good to me and proud of it” – MsWorld

“Fashion to me is wearing anything good that’s good to me and proud of it” says MsWorld as his loved to be called who’s real name is Salaudeen Muhammed. A student of Lagos State University in his second year studying computer science, faculty of science.

MsWorld who claimed he love to live is own world around Honesty and loyalty with so much dislike backspacing lies away from himself.

Swimming and chatting are things Muhammed love doing best as he takes that as recreation moment for himself.

With an interview with MsWorld he told us his best designers to be Calvin Klein and Nike and also brought attention to the fact that he also love anything that is good and good on him.

When asked what fashion is to him, he said fashion to him his wearing what or anything that is to or on him and as well proud of. Though his new to this work “Modeling” as he told our correspondent and don’t have much to tell but when asked his place in the next 2 years as a model he just replied saying “hoping for a better future” further saying that he would love to be in great places and hope to work with great fashion designers.

He advised upcoming models to be serious with their work and not let money to be on their mind at first but put God first and everything comes after.

Thanks for your time and always remember the saying’ Dress how you want to be addressed’.
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