Facts About Left-Handed Individuals You Don’t Know

It is a general belief that individuals who  write with their left hands are always exceptionally intelligent and smart.

Recently researchers found out that the writings in the brain are different in left-handed and right-handed people. Because lefties spend their entire life adapting to the right-handed world, they are more independent.

This excerpt from reveals 20 facts about left-handed people you probably weren’t aware of. Read below:

1. The word “left” is of Anglo-Saxon origin, from a word “lyft” which meant- broken or weak.
2. In most cases- left- handed people use the right brain side.
3. 5 to 10 percent of the world population is left-handed.
4.They are good at sports, like swimming, boxing, tennis, baseball, etc.
5.They can adjust to see underwater more easily than right-handers.
6.More than 40 percent of the top world tennis players are left-handed.
7.They usually reach puberty later, that is, even 5 months after right-handed people.
8. According to statistics, left-handed college graduates are expected to become 26 percent richer than their right- handed colleagues.
9.They have an increased risk by 3% to become alcoholics.
10.Out of 7, four of the United States are left-handed.
11.In animals, like cats, mice, and rats, the percentage of left and
12.The longest words which can be typed with just the left hand with a conventional hand positioning are: sweater, dresses, and tesserae decades.
13.Apollo astronaut, out of 4, was left-handed.
14.One study showed that left-handers differently process emotions than right-handers, and they get angry faster.
15.Studies show that lefties are more talented in math, architecture, and spatial awareness, while righties have more developed verbal skills.
16. August 13th is the Left-Handers Day.
17.Previously, this was believed to be a bad thing, often linked to nasty habits, rebellion, neurosis, a mark of the devil, homosexuality, and criminality. Yet, it was also considered to be a mark of creativity and musical skills.
18.They have an increased risk of insomnia.
19.According to statistics, there are more than 30 million left-handed people in America.
20.Women pregnant in their 40s have an increased risk by 128 percent to give birth to a left- handed child, compared to pregnant women in their 20s.

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