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Exclusive Interview With Olumide Adesina, Brain Behind Motoshine Tricycle (Luxury Keke)

Contrary to the widespread assumption that the man behind the luxury keke is from the eastern part of Nigeria, we stand to correct this misinformation. Mr Olumide Peter Adesina, the brain behind the luxury keke is from the South-Western part of Nigeria. He is a Yoruba man and the creative mind behind Motoshine Tricycle also known as the luxury keke.

Olumide Peters is currently the Principal Consultant of Trinity Temple Limited, a Lagos based company into creative brand strategy, design and innovation.

In an exclusive interview with Temmy Balogun Media, he gave an in-depth explanation on the idea behind the luxury keke, its benefits and actual price.

Read the interview below:

1. On Monday, a picture of a very attractive tricycle with a man went viral on social media platforms. Even big blogs carried the news and said the inventor of this sophisticated and brilliant piece was an Ibo man. Is this true sir?

I’ve also received false propaganda news with claims our Motoshine Tricycles are manufactured in Anambra state Nigeria, where it is supposedly presently being used. Also that I am an Igbo man. With due respect to the idingbo community whom I have so much respect for, I am not an Igbo man.  It’s amazing this propaganda is being spread with my pictures and Motoshine Tricycles. It all only proves there’s a need for Motoshine in Nigeria as demand forces can drive our price lower than the present Keke (Tricycles) known in Nigeria.

2. Can you tell us about the brand and what really inspired the invention?

Motoshine Tricycle is a new brand to be reckoned with in Nigeria. However, it is imported and recently assembled in Lagos State with the hope of empowering our youths and creating job opportunities for Nigerians. The idea was born out of entering a Keke as we call it in Lagos on a rainy day.

As accidents of Okada riders continue, Motorshine Tricycles are built with the protection of a car. Between December 2014 and April 2015, Okada accidents increased by 34%, both in recorded death cases and injuries. This is a big loss to the government and society at large and we believe Motorshine will help reduce these numbers drastically.

3. We are sure you must have a market strategy on ground. Could you please share. This could inspire other entrepreneurs.

With Population of about 19 million, Lagos needs increasing transportation system that can meet up with the bustling economy of the state, and not just on the major roads but in the interiors which can help facilitate the economy of such locations. While Okada has tried playing these roles, the accidents rates remain high and government has tried to curb such circumstances by eliminating okada from some major roads in Lagos, this also affects the economy of such areas

4. We have seen made in Nigerian products that Nigerians eventually did not appreciate. Do you think this will be an exception?

The Keke Napep and Keke Maruwa have also tried to provide the services the Okadas have not been able to provide. Both have not been able to because they are not built for complete safety from both rain and accidents, and still leave the commuters at very high risk.

What the Motoshine Tricycle does is to solve these major problems. With an Economy of $130 billion and holding about 10% of the total population of Nigeria, Lagos accounts for 30% of Nigeria’s economy of about $408 billion and is growing by the day. People are constantly on the move, the roads and interiors of Lagos must be able to provide a safe type of transportation that will meet the needs of the people and economy and at the same time guarantee safety, and that’s what the Motorshine Tricycles are here to do.

5. How much does it cost?

I believe life can be better for the common man. I have received many queries regarding our price of N990k compared to 700k the present Keke goes for in Nigeria. When we look at improving a product’s functionality, look and feel it will attract additional cost. Motoshine can carry 6 passengers compared to 3 the old Keke carries. It has secured doors to protect passengers from accidents and getting wet on raining days. It has front and reverse cameras. Cooling fans /Ventilation, Secured and Durable.  It brings Luxury and Comfort to all Keke users.


Who says there’s no luxury in being common?

6. We really love this highly innovative product. Sir, where do you see it in 5 years?

Dragon Motors Ltd is interested in working with any State or Federal Government who is willing in creating Skill and Employment for the people. That is the only way we can remain in business.

To purchase luxury Keke contact Dragon Motors on  08077000003.



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