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Espact Interview With Ayomide Adekunle, Nigerian Student  Who Invented G-Robot And G-Drone

The Espact Media Team had an interview with the creator of the G-Robot and G-Drone, an 18-year-old Ladoke Akintola University (LAUTECH) student Ayomide Adekunle. 

The 100-level Animal Production and Health student had a discussion with us on how he got started, the value of both technologies, and how they (his creations) may benefit the country in this interview. 

Ayomide Adekunle enjoyed taking things apart as a child and reassembling them into new items, such as automobiles toys. He began creating robots and drones while he was a student in high school. 

Ayomide G-Robot

Here are other things that he had to say.

He thinks he can accomplish anything that Westerners have accomplished.

  1. Let’s meet you?

My name is Adekunle Ayomide. I’m a 100 Level student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomosho (LAUTECH). I’m an eighteen years old teenager. I’m a young guy that is passionate about building and designing robots, toy cars and lots more. Presently I have successfully built the Prototype of an Educational Robot. The name of the Robot is G-Robot. It is a robot that I built to be assisting teachers in the classroom to teach students. G-Robot has an amazing feature that students can communicate with it and it will respond to questions that it is asked. The reason why I built this Robot is that many advanced countries are already making use of robots to teach in the classroom, so I believe that Nigeria should also not be left behind in this Robotics Education.

  1. What Attracted You To Robotics?

I strongly believe that the future of work will be completely revolutionized by Robots. And as a result of this I have decided that I won’t be left behind in this Robotics trend because the white men building robots do not have two heads. It is something that I can also do. I have been building robots since when I was in Secondary School (SS1)

  1. What are your challenges?

The major challenge that I am facing with the progress of my Robot is finance (money). This is so because there are some materials and components that I need to couple into the Robot so that it will transcend from a prototype to a real technology, but due to lack of money to buy those components the project has been limited.

  1. How much have you spent trying to do this?

I have spent close to Seventy Thousand Naira in building the robot. But I believe that if I am supported financially I will be able to build more sophisticated robots.

  1. Did you ever learn how to do this?

No, my knowledge about Robotics is self-taught. I research and construct robots by myself. G-Robot is a product of self-development and determination.

  1. What are the successful things you have produced?

Apart from G-Robot, I have also built G-Drone. G-Drone is a prototype of a security tracker drone that I built to fight against insecurity in Nigeria. I believe that the best way to combat insecurity is through Drone Technology and that is why I built G-Drone. Although, G-Drone is currently in the prototype stage. I have also built toy cars, manual ATM machine and lots more.

  1. How do you think this can help the country?

I believe that if G-Robot is supported Nigeria as a country will be able to compete globally in Robotics Education. The amazing thing about G-Robot is that when students see a Robot teaching them in the classroom the enthusiasm to learn will be instill in their heart. And this will improve the Educational Sector of Nigeria.

  1. How can the people and the government help?

To be precise, the help I need is that there is a school of Robotics in Ogbomosho that I wish to attend the name of the school is SQI COLLEGE OF ICT in Ogbomosho. I believe that if I’m sponsored financially into the school I will be able to learn more about Robotics and also design more technologically advanced gadgets. I’m therefore using this opportunity to seek for financial support from individuals, government and cooperate organizations to enter into the school because money is the only limiting factor hindering my admission into the school.

  1. What will this contribute to the country’s economy?

If G-Robot is fully supported Nigeria’s Economy will improve greatly because the Robot will even be exported to other countries and as a result of this, the economy will experience a great improvement. G-Robot will improve Nigeria’s Economy for good if it is supported.

  1. What is your advice to the youth?

My advice to the youth is that there is nothing that can stop you as long as your mind can picture it. Always dream big. The whites who are developing technologically advanced gadgets do not have two heads it is something the you can also do. Do not give up.

Adekunle asserts that although the technologies he created are still prototypes, with enough support, they will become actual technologies. Along with drones and robots, he has invented a wide range of other technologies-including toy automobiles, small ATMs, and grinding machines. He is a rising prodigy whose intelligence is going to be revealed to the world in no time.

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