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Espact 8 Tips To Make Your Business Visible, Stand Out Amid Election Chatter Across Africa

When the public landscape is inundated with political news, it is always a challenge for organisations that still need to get and retain the attention of their audience and get their brands visibility

For B2B brands, communication during such times must be carefully approached by leveraging on strategic methods that will keep them in the mind and faces of their audience

For many African businesses, corporate communication attempts are always overshadowed during election periods, as it is currently the case in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries.

What can B2B brands do to be heard, remain relevant and visible to their audience and clients.

Below are 8 tips and strategies to for entrepreneur and business owners to stay visible, relevant in the faces and minds of their audience even in the midst of heated political discussions.

Setup your digital presence; social media platforms, and website

Set up your business pages up on social media platforms relevant to your brand. This will help your business get the right visibility in the digital space and also set your business online. Engage your audience on all your social media platforms daily this is where your potential partners, clients are also seeking a haven to talk about business and also buy from you

At Espact we can help you set up your social Media pages and get it ready for sales and visibility. You can also advertise on our website and get your brands seen in over 120 countries.
To get started you can Call/WhatsApp: 08081553042 or send us a mail:

Be more creative with words

Focus SEO content using keywords applicable in the political space win, announce, declare, etc and ocus SEO content using keywords that will make your business appear when they search for your niche, adjust keywords that will allow you to be found whenever you are searched for. Your content should not be campaign-styled and promotional, yet it must be framed to fit the popular narrative.

Use quotes as headings

It is a political content strategy that gets immediate attention. Retain the same format to get the attention of your audience this period.

Announce your wins instead of plans

Politicians are mostly selling pipe dreams now, and that is not good company to be in. Share good news about your business, company, team members, office etc What really matters is the tangible impact you have made and are already making. So, show measurable achievements.

Show your team

Politicians are solo figures now; executives should not be mistaken for them. Instead, show sections of your team for visual distinction. A corporate organisation must not be seen to be a solo game.

Leverage extensive on video content

Quality video content from your business will be a boost for your business as video converts really high and will be a boost this period; it is a great alternative to text content flooding timelines. Make sure your visual identity and human touch are reflected.

Need a professional video coverage for your business to boost sales and visibility. You can Call/WhatsApp: 08081553042 or send a mail to

Create content around testimonials

People believe reviews by other users more than pitches. Remember that third-party stories are the best PR.

Reframe content from selling to value-add

Think of your audience first and give value to them; in turn they will buy what you are offering. Politicians are already selling promises and visions that have not delivered any value yet. Be different – deliver value instead of merely speaking about it.

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