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Ernest Ndukwe Talks On How ICT Is Helping Nigerian Industry

Ernest Ndukwe, a leading practitioner in the ICT industry, with over 38 years of experience in the international space recently shared his thoughts on how ICT is helping Nigeria.
Here in Nigeria, he was a board member of MTN Nigeria and Nigerian Communications Commission NCC, with experience in the information and communications industry.

In this interview talks about how ICT is helping the Nigerian economy.

What is the success level of information communications technology in Nigeria?
Compared to years back, Nigeria has witnessed a great leap, it is a vital engine for the development of any economy and the necessary infrastructure needed in the industry is gradually implemented. Looking at the past and present we can boldly say that the future is bright for the ICT industry.
How is ICT helping other industries in Nigeria
Other industries in Nigeria make use of technology to conduct their daily activities, there’s is no industry that does not make use of ICT to implements growth. ICT is a major promoter of the development of other sectors, including agriculture, education, industry, health, banking, defense, transportation, tourism, etc. It facilitates social interactions and the effective management of the industries.
Overall, the availability of functional and efficient telecommunications infrastructure, including high-speed broadband, is a sine-qua-non for any country that wants high rising industries and are ready to compete in today’s global economy.

What potential does the telecommunications sector hold for reducing unemployment figures?
With the high figure of unemployment in Nigeria, ICT is playing a major role in curbing the level of unemployment in Nigeria. Employment creation is inherent in the growth and expansion of telecoms infrastructure, both within the industry and in other corresponding sectors. A good number of the jobs, however, tend to be high-skilled, well-paid positions. There is therefore a need to align opportunities for new jobs with skills development initiatives.

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