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Erin Jackson Becomes First African-American Woman On US Olympic Long-track Speed-skating Team

With just four months experience in speedskating, Erin Jackson shocked everyone with her outstanding performance on the US olympic speed skating trials which qualified her for the Olympic team.

The 25 year old from Ocala, Florida following her amorous display on the speed skating trials became an Olympian, emerging the first African-American woman on the US Olympic long-track speed skating team.

In her first heat, the former university of Florida undergraduate in engineering went 39.22 and performed even. Better on her second run, finishing third behind legendary Sochi Olympians Brittany Bowe and Heather Bergsma.

” I really wasn’t expecting any of this. Just coming in as a newbie, just trying to do the best I can” she said smiling at the news.

Bowe, her former team player commended her on her improvement at the sport.

” she’s improving dramatically everytime she steps on that ice. She’s at a point now where she makes those huge gains so to see that two races in a row out here when the pressure is the highest is really promising for her and the spirit program for team USA”. She said.

According to the US Olympic reports, Erin Jackson would be the third black athlete make the US Olympic speed-skating team, joining ranks with long-tracker Shani Davis and Ghana’s short-tracker maame Briney.
We hope to hear greater achievements from you. Well-done!


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