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#EndSars: Top 10 Voices You Should Know

Nigeria’s protests began online and unfolded on the protesters,through #Endsars campaign as they are seen calling for a new “Youth Democratic Party” to channel their demands of reforming the Nigeria police sector

The #Endsars campaign which has been going on for more than two weeks now started like every other campaigns that have been organized in Nigeria, but to everyone’s surprise, the campaign has lasted for more than a week now and there is still no sign it will be ending anytime soon.

Prior to the campaign against police brutality and killings of young Nigerians, the youths in the country have come out to make their voices heard. We can understand that Nigerian youths are tired of the brutality and they would go to any length to make sure government reforms the police sector.

There are certain people that have won the Hearts of many Nigerians and have supported this motion with their full participation, voice, contribution, attitude, character, and interest they have shown towards the #Endsars campaign.

This article thereby steps ten out of the several fervent voices in the #Endsars campaign in Nigeria and across the world.

Aisha Yesufu

Aisha as trended on media platforms for her heroic display during the #EndSARS protest in Abuja. She is the biggest thing to happen to the youth of Nigeria in times like this as she stood her grounds to fight for the disbandment of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS).

Even when She was tear gassed and harassed by the police for leading the protest in Abuja, she didn’t still back out.

Aisha represents all shades of bravery and courage, her name will remain on the lips of many when her story is written and told to the next generations.

John Gboyega

John Gboyega has flooded his twitter page with lots of posts that support the ENDSARS campaign. He posted

“Three years ago, Nigerians police chief re organized SARS after police condemnation about the violence that came with their operations. That changed as dine nothing for Nigerians and today many are still in danger”

He made post and many other post as regarding the move to the campaign.

Folarin Falana

Folarin Falana popularly known as Falz is seen everywhere in the on going Endsars campaign as he has shown complete support to the motion. Apart from flooding his social media with lots of write up against police brutality, he has also being physically active on the protest ground.

Falz and Runtown started the peaceful protest which attracted other Nigerians to join in.

“No backing down we move, the police are already there waiting for us both we are not Hera to cause trouble, it is a peaceful protest coming through” He posted.

Michael Collins Ajereh

Michael Collins is popularly known as Don Jazzy, has contributed well to the ENdSARS motion when supported the Vigil service organized to honor the lives unjustly taken by the SARS. He was leading the vigil, which was very successful.

“To honour those we lost and bless the survivors we are lighting candles at 7pm tonight nationwide”donjazzy posted.

Dakore Akande

Dakare Akande flood her timelines with message of solidarity for the protesters and support for the #EndSars protest. In one of her most recent post, “I have never been prouder to be a Nigerian woman. It is no accident that this protest is happening in the month of October; the month of my birth, of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti whose birthday is also this October (Oct 15), the month of our independence.

We are working up to our power as one people to say enough is enough. It is a new dawn, a new day; a new life for us and I am feeling good.”

Debo Adebayo Mr Macaroni)

He is popularly known as Mr Macaroni, he has led and contributed so well to the ongoing protest, as he is seen addressing the media in the protest ground, and showing that non resilience act.

Mr Macaroni has shown maximum interest and support as he is one of the early protesters that moved the Endsars campaign motion, we can confidently say he is part of the protest physically, for the fact that he is always seen on the protests ground and he also make posts that support the ENDSARS campaign on his social media handle

“This movement cannot be hijacked by desperate people who are obsessed with being called heroes, the true heroes are all Nigerian youths fighting this fight for freedom”he said.

Douglas Jack Agu

Run town and Falz where the two celebrities that led the protest campaign in Lekki, Lagos.

Runtown was confident and showed so much interest, as he posted a day before the protest began that shows he is fearless and ready to face any odds that arises during the protest

“Enough is enough, protect us and not kill us , we are all victims”

Runtown and falz were initially the two celebrities that moved the motion of the Endsars protest in Lagos.

Rinu Oduola

Rinu has contributed well to the ongoing protest as well, as her determination and non resilience she has shown on the protest ground is unmeasurable.

“iPhone, laptop, styled hair and living fresh isn’t a crime” she wrote

Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode

He is popularly known as Do2tun, he is one of those celebrity that has been seen everywhere on the issue of the Endsars campaign. He has contributed so much to the protest, his time, support, voice and non resilience towards the motion.

“stop asking me “what is the logic behind the protest or “what is rationale or plan, “why are people protesting, instead ask your people, “why are your kids not in school! “why do we have bad roads! why are they killing the innocent youth! please stop asking me” Dotun said

Ogbeni Dipo Awojide

Dipo is a senior lecturere in strategy and personal development coach, he is one of those Nigerians that has shown maximum support to the motion even without his presence in the country.

Dipo is a London based Nigerian lecturer , who has flooded his twitter page with numerous twitts that shows his support.

He also participated in the candle night vigil that was organized to honour and celebrate the youths that lost their lives from the hands of police group know as SARS.

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