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Email Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs

As the market and consumer evolve, the entrepreneur must evolve or risk obsolescence. The evolution of the entrepreneur must include how s/he advertises and remains in the prospective clients’ face.

Not only does the business owner have to evolve, s/he has to have an eye on cost. This search for balance, a cost-effective tool, customer behaviour all combine to make email marketing a good fit for most businesses.

However, it has to be done right. Herein are tips shared by Mert Gencler on how to make email marketing work for your business.

Create a database

TheTfirstthing to do is to create an e-mail database of your customers. This list must be segmentalised to show age, vender, location and quantity bought by each customer.

Create different campaigns

Do not use a one size fits all campaign style. Apart from that, switch up your style. Do not get boring and predictable. Don’t send women apparel campaign to men. And try to use different wordings.

Keep your list clean. 

There may be some subscribers who signed up many times ago, may not be intereseted receive mails from you now. In order to not to lose them permanently, remove them from the list.

Drip campaigns

Use drip campaigns to send automated emails related to user reactions. Here are the best practices. In addition to this, always use a friendly tone.

Launch a contest/promotion/discount in exchange for e-mail.


Calls to action (CATs) are very important. Assuming you do get  your subscribers to open your email (thanks to a catchy subject line), your next mission is to get your subscribers to click on the CTA to return to your online store. Delivering an actionable CTA is your biggest content opportunity in your email.

Don’t forget to send an email

When a user signs up to your e-mail newsletter, let the user know the order has been received.

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