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Ebola Survivor, Dr Adaora Okoli Makes Bill Gates’ Heroes In The Field’ List

Survivor of the life-threatening and fast-spreading disease Ebola, Dr Adaora Okoli has been named one of Bill Gates’ ‘Heroes in the field’.

For the strength and courage she showed in treating Ebola patients and ensuring that more people survive, Adorable was on the 5th of January, 2018 named by Bill Gates as a ‘Hero of the field’ and is to be featured in the January issue of Time Magazine.

The ‘Heroes of the field’ is a list of 5 people which is aimed at recognizing non-popular individuals who are working diligently to save the world in their own way.

Dr Adaora
Dr Adaora

After her life changing encounter with the deadly disease when she got infected while treating Patrick Sawyer in 2014 and miraculously survived to the bewilderment of the entire nation, Adora has since dedicated her life to ensure Nigeria is well prepared in case if it’s re-emergence or any disease outbreak.

She decided to utilize her second lease in life in research, treatment and prevention of future epidermics by furthering her studies at Tulane School for Public health and Tropical Medicine in order to broaden her knowledge and experience.

“Ebola will come back. It may not be next year or the next five years, but it will come back. I know I was sick for a reason.there’s a lot more I have to do” she said in an interview with Time Magazine.

Well Done Doctor Adaora! We Celebrate You!

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