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Do You Know That African Entrepreneurs Succeed Amidst Negative Narratives?

Let’s inspire you today being a day we are celebrating workers. This is because inspirations are meant to encourage and breathe life into humans. Espact has tapped into the flow this week and here is our inspiration business post for entrepreneurs, workers and youths.

Have you picked from anywhere – books, news, the internet or rumour that, growing a career in Africa is difficult, worse more growing a life?
Well! If you live in Africa, your answer to the above question is most likely yes.

You must have also noticed that there is a rise of emerging and established entrepreneurs and now, a handful of successful african businesses across the continent. Hmm! Quite thought-provoking, I suppose.

The truth is, Africa is stressful and becoming successful in a continent like Africa might seem far-fetched because of the lingering poor living conditions across countries of the continent. No doubt! But you must also know that the disease and poverty stricken continent of old is changing rapidly and emerging at the top board of great innovations in the world. Africa has left the status of poverty and unemployment behind and is swiftly taking an honourable position in the world as a continent with several men of great discoveries and innovations.

There are several African-owned businesses that have received global recognition for their incredibly innovative establishment and management and out of a full pack of successful businesses that have received awards and mentions for their giant strides both at national and global level, we will highlight 5 that we consider ones with the most incredible ideas from 5 African countries.

In no particular order;

  1. Agro Processing in Tanzania. My guess is, we all know the popular cashew tree and fruits. Beautiful thing to note is that a bright young Tanzanian has set up a Cashew processing facility that is yielding tons of profits while still adding value to the locals in the country by creating jobs and boosting the earnings of farmers.
  2. Bakulu Power in Uganda.
    Who hasn’t come to terms with the epileptic power in African countries! These days, we have youngsters who are utilizing ideas and churning up solutions to this problem. Bakulu power is a renewable energy company that is currently developing 3 mini solar grids on Islands off Lake Victoria in Uganda. Also, it develops clean cooking fuel (biomass) production plant on a refugee camp in West Uganda.
  3. Tangerine Invesrments in Kenya.
    We all get to know about the increase of businesses in our environments and they are brought to our notice by brand advertisers. Tangerine Investments is an outdoor advertising firm that uses public transit vehicles, waste bins and street poles to market goods to existing and potential customers in Kenya. Tangerine Investments has a unique client base that include HP, Coca Cola, Pizza inn among others and has over $1million annual revenues.
  4. Kaptain Foods in Nigeria.
    With the increase in working hours on jobs these days, one has got to look for an alternative to cooking real home foods. Kaptain foods is a Nigerian food processing company that uses locally grown fresh produce and spice to produce varieties of precooked and packaged eatable tomoto stews.
  5. Fiombonana in Malagasy.
    Fiombanana is an agroprocessing enterprise that produces dairy products and confectionaries. The company uses raw materials from Malagasy in processing their products and has increased jobs for local farmers in the country.

Did you notice that they all have one thing in common? Out-of-the-blues ideas. You too can start something no one else has and become an inspiration to others. Have a great week ahead!

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