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Dieudonne Twahirwa Is The Largest Chili Pepper Producer And Exporter In Rwanda

30-years-old Dieudonné Twahirwa quit his white-collar job as an agronomist at the large Pyrethrum firm back in 2013 to venture into production and exportation of chilli pepper. He is now the larger exporter of this product in Rwanda.

As a fresh entrepreneurial graduate, he just was looking for something more challenging, vibrant, and profitable. Today, he is in business and exploring new horizons to expand his enterprise to as many countries as possible.

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Twahirwa is the founder and managing director of Twahirwa’s Gashora Farm Ltd. Twahirwa’s Gashora Farm Ltd has so far exported 24 metric tons of fresh chili valued at $17,000 to the United Kingdom, 100 liters of chili oil to the United States and to Switzerland worth $6,070, and has six metric tons of African Bird Eye chili worth $30,000 expected to be exported to Belgium before the end of this year.

“There is an insatiable market out there for all varieties of chilli peppers, and their harvesting period is shorter and prices more stable than with tea and coffee,” said Twahirwa. After realizing that the original six hectares he was farming weren’t enough to satisfy his market, he expanded to 160 hectares and brought in new growers. Today, he harvests ten metric tons of dry chilli every season.

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Twahirwa was nominated for the Young Entrepreneur Awards at the 2018 World Forum for Export Development 2018 (WEDF 2018).


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