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Did You Know?Google Was Formerly Called ‘BackRub’

Globally used search engine, known as Google was launched with the brand name ‘ Backrub’ by its cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin who are definitely fans of wordplay, and seem to have a thing for company names that are both goofy and yet significant at the same time.

Back in 1996, before Google even existed as an entity, Page and Brin were already making up nerdy names for search engines.

According to Google’s own website, Page and Brin’s 1996 foray into the world of search engines was initially called “BackRub.”

They called it this because the program analyzed the web’s “back links” to understand how important a website was, and what other sites it related to. BackRub operated on Stanford’s servers until it eventually took up too much bandwidth.

But by 1997, Page seems to have decided that the BackRub name just wasn’t good enough. According to Koller, Page and his officemates at Stanford began to workshop different names for the search engine technology, names that would evoke just how much data they were indexing.

The name “Google” actually came from a graduate student at Stanford named Sean Anderson. Anderson suggested the word “googolplex” during a brainstorming session, and Page countered with the shorter “googol.”

In other words, Google, “is a play on the mathematical expression for the number 1 followed by 100 zeros,” hence reflecting their mission to organize the world’s information.

Anderson checked to see if that domain name was taken, but accidentally searched for “” instead of “” Page liked that name even better, and registered the domain name for Brin and himself on September 15, 1997.

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