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Did You Know?Anambra Waxbill Bird Can Only Be Found In Southern Nigeria

The Anambra Waxbill is a rare bird which has been recorded to be sighted only 5 times in Nigeria, it can only be found in southern Nigeria and no where else on earth with an estimated global occurrence of 38,000km2.

A close look at the waxbill shows very fine barring and upperparts, side of the breast and flanks with unusual pale eyes unlike other waxbills.

The Anambra Waxbill (Estrilda poliopareia) which is of the estrildid finch specie was discovered by Reichenow in 1902.

Research has proven that this bird has only been sighted in the Southern part of Nigeria and is yet to be seen in any other region, so we can conclusively say the bird is a native of the Southern region of the country.

It is a bird with many colours measuring approximately 12cm long, with a dun-coloured finch and reddish brown bill and rump.

It is usually found in long grass rivers, lagoons, sandbanks, marshes, swamps and forests. The bird is known for it’s unique sound which is similar to a “tzzzt” sound, and feeds on sedges and grasses (of genera kyllinga, fimbristylis, digitaria and panicum).

The Waxbill is susceptible to extinction because its rare, hardly seen and it’s estimated population is unknown.

Study shows that no conservation measures have been undertaken to prevent the occurrence of such, this is basically because in a country like Nigeria, little attention is paid to sustaining the existence of endangered species as conservitism in relation to such is deemed rather irrelevant.

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