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Did You Know? Silverbird Cinema Pioneered Cineplex Cinema In Sub-Saharan Africa

Cinema centers in Sub-Saharan Africa and Nigeria in particular is a fun place where lots of people go to with family and friends to spend time relaxing. Prior to this, cinema viewing as we know it was not as glamorous as this in Sub-Saharan Africa but with the entry of Silverbird cinema, it brought the first cineplex to Sub Saharan Africa with glamour and style.

Silverbird cinema was the first cinema center as we know it with multiple viewing screens. The first center is located at the Silverbird Galleria, Ahmadu Bello, Victoria island way in Lagos Nigeria. Before the achievement of this feat, a lot of challenges faced like power, curbing piracy, and so on.
The brain behind this pioneering idea is Ben Murray Bruce, an excellent entrepreneur, and leading media practitioner, he is the founder of Silverbird Group, the parent company to Silverbird television, rhythm FM, Silverbird cinema, and a host of other companies.

Ben Murray Bruce remarks when this achievement was made were “There has never been a cineplex in Nigeria, and I have wanted to bring cinema back for more than 20 years but the timing wasn’t right till when I thought it was right. in the entertainment industry, you work with your gut instinct.”
With the existence of other cinema viewing companies, which heightens the competition further, Silverbird cinema being the pioneer of modern day cinema is still the biggest cinema till date, with lots of centers scattered across Nigeria and Sub Saharan Africa.

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