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Did You Know High Quality Platinum Was Found In Nigeria?

There are still lots of untapped riches in the lands of Africa, the government of Nigeria disclosed the discovery of high quality platinum mineral in Kuchiko village of Suleja, Niger state in 2018.

The Minister of State for Mines and Steel Development Abubakar Bawa Bwari noted that the quality of the discovery is higher than that of South Africa which is regarded as the country with the highest deposit of the mineral in the world.

This is another great feat for the nation to ride on, Platinum often called the rich man’s gold is an exquisite precious metal that is found in few places around the world.
Platinum is used around the world for jewelries, cars and other metallic products, it has a global market that pulls billions of dollars to itself.

With the discovery of a high platinum in Niger, Nigeria can be foreseen to join the platinum industry and boast of high quality product bringing foreign investor, employment and further development to the economy and the nation at large.

The Government of Nigeria are now looking into exploration of the minerals and generating detailed geo-science data of quality and quantity of available minerals in the country as well as to know the locations of minerals such as gold, lead and zinc, silver, copper, tantalite among others in Nigeria. This would put Nigeria in the lime lite and attract both local and foreign investors.

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